I can't believe it...

  1. Just got a call from BG and the Gerard Darel Charlotte bags are in! I had ordered one in tan, which the SA said is a light tan, not a cognac. She compared the color to a Werther's Original candy. So I went ahead and ordered it, and will see how the color works. She said they have black, dark brown and white also in.
  2. can't wait to see it!
  3. Congrats! Will love to see pics of the tan. If anyone else decides to order one--ask for Ilona. She was really nice--I felt bad returning the chocolate brown one I got through her, but it wasn't for me. I always like referring people to nice SA--especially at BG since some of them can be quite snotty over the phone...
  4. Is it the chain strap or the regular 24 hour Charlotte Drape?
  5. ooooohhh, i would love the chain strap too!
  6. Regular. And it was Illona who helped me. She was very nice.
  7. The reason I ask is because I called last week to inquire about the regular Charlotte in tan (camel) and was told they didn't have them in, only the chocolate with the chain strap. So if they have the camel now, they must have JUST arrived.
  8. Sounds so pretty! Cant wait to see pics.
  9. YAY :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    post pics as soon as you get it!!!
  10. She told me they'd just come in "a couple of days ago."
  11. I ordered the: white/black/camel/gold/and silver.
  12. Great description re.Werther's Original candy, that's the one I have.
  13. How do you like the color?
  14. ^^I'd like to know too! Do you have any photo's of your bag? :smile:
  15. Yay Congrats pseub! Hope its what you want!