I can't believe it has been four years!

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  1. Was trying to remember that exact details of my daughter's birth story...and then I remember I recorded it here. So glad I did.

    I can't believe in a few hours it will be 4 years. Just wanted to share a current picture. 4 years, really? Still can't believe it.


  2. Oh, Tink, congratulations on your beautiful, wonderful, soon-to-be 4 year old daughter! She is more beautiful than the "princess" by far. We were at my DS1's band concert tonight and a friend of ours has a DD about the same age, and I, too, was wondering where the time went so quickly.
  3. aw so sweet!!!!! how wonderful you wrote here and could relive the details! happy birthday to emily! :smile:
  4. Thanks so much :smile:
  5. wishing a happy bday for your sweet princess. DD1 turned 4 in May and I too am wondering where the time went
  6. Happy Birthday, sweet Em!! I hope she has a wonderful day :hugs:
  7. She is just beautiful! Love her! Happy birthday Miss E!
  8. My DS is 14 now. Times flies way too fast. Your little girl is beautful! I hope she has a wonderful birthday!