I can't believe it happened in Hermes store long Island.

  1. I posted my hermes experience on a Taiwanese blog, and a girl shared her experience in the store in Long Island, which is pretty shocking to me ( though i m not ure if that was true since I have never met her in person.) She told me she ordered a birkin in Hermes store last year, and SA in long island asked her for ID, diploma copy, and they also made her pay 15% deposite. ( which is very suspicious b/c I haven't seen anyone here paid deposite when they made the order) She told me her 35 blue jeans birkin costs about 14000$to $15000, yet she does not really know what kind of leather she ordered. ( b/c she didn't have green card, she had her friend who graduted from MIT and currently an MD in stanford to order for her). She told me the SA calls her now and then and told her the craftman's name and the progress of her bag. She is expecting to get it this Nov. Questions: 1. Has anyone encountered a situation like that?( she blamed it to racial discrimination since she is a taiwanese/"yellow".) 2. What kind of 35cm regular leather in blue jeans with gold hardware would cost $15000? I ordered a 30 episom in blue jeans and my SA told me it would cost about $6100-$7000, and a 35cm birkin will double the price of a 30cm?? That's crazy! 3. Does your SA call you and give you the craftman's name and the progress of your bag? Extra question: How long did it take you ladies to get your bag if you've ever on the "wishlist"?( My SA told me I will get mine in about a year and half.) Thank you ladies!!!! Sorry for so many questions:smile:
  2. Welcome mrsgibb! My experience is similar to yours rather than your friends.
  3. that seems way off to me. deposit? asking for a diploma..they do not give the craftsman name out. I think there is some fibbing going on with this. big time.

    they do not take orders just like that were you walk in and do it.

    so def there is some messy story going on with this.
  4. What a interesting story....I never heard anything like this before.

    A 35 togo was 7400.00 last year. I was a non-us resident Asian and I did not have to pull out the Stanford/MD/ I am Donald Trump's friend card to get my birkin in the US or Paris.

    There is no racial discrimination at H.
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. Sounds like a bunch of hoooeee to me.

  7. Weird...price, order, diploma, racism...
    I really wish nothing is true in this story ...
  8. I highly doubt everything about this. The only thing I was asked for when SO'ing was my name and leather preferences.
  9. I think the woman with this "diploma" story is a fiction writer by trade........LOL!!!!
  10. You said it yourself. You can't believe it.
  11. i've never heard of deposit......never know craftman's name....i'm yellow and so far i've not had bad experience with service in h stores.....
  12. Diploma? Sounds very fishy to me. Very very fishy. Plus I've never heard of a deposit, either.

  13. That's a good one shopmom...:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. Her story sounds like sheer and utter nonsense! The H boutiques NEVER ask for deposits, diplomas...for what possible reason would they need a diploma? It is NOT easy for SA's to get/give craftsman ID's....and if they had it they wouldn't give it out. Who says "yellow" anymore...so insulting. Everything about her story is so wrong and transparent it's almost funny.

    * I do know that some of the private boutiques that carry Hermes i.e. Cuffs, Richards etc sometimes ask for a deposit....
  15. WHAT.......:confused1: