I Can't Believe I'm Saying This

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  1. I've chosen the Navy Tribeca E/W Tote and Large Ginger Sabrina over the Large Cobalt Patent Sabrina. I've really liked the Cobalt Patent Sabrina for a while but never found her at a price point that I was comfortable with. So, I searched for a substitute blue bag. Finally, I found the Navy Tribeca E/W Tote last weekend, which was love at first sight.

    This week, I was given an opportunity to purchase a Large Cobalt Patent Sabrina for a steal but that would've meant returning both Ms. Ginger because I don't like to have duplicates of bags and the Tribeca Tote because I already have another blue bag and don't need three. However, I chewed on it for a few days and decided to keep Ms. Ginger and the Tribeca. And I think it's mainly due to the Tribeca Tote. I just love the color and texture of the leather and the chain strap detail - I'm so surprised at myself. Although the Cobalt Sabrina is a more high end bag, in my mind, it pales in comparison to the Tribeca.

    The Navy Tribeca can't have been that popular or else there wouldn't have been so much surplus inventory. Yet finding a Cobalt Patent Sabrina is like finding a needle in a haystack - I've only seen 1 IRL and have now turned another one down. Is there something wrong with me? Or I wonder if it's because my mother has always taught me that when in doubt, choose leather over patent? I own very few patent bags and the ones that I do own, I didn't pay more than $50 for, although they retailed for much higher.

    Sorry for the long rant but I'm just in disbelief. Thanks for reading.
  2. I am so jealous! I absolutely and obsessed with getting a Tribeca tote and the Navy ones seems so perfect!!! It's one of my favorites at the moment... hopefully I'll have some money to invest in such a gorgeous bag soon;) I totally agree with your mother; plain leather is totally better than patent. Where did you find your Tribeca? Did you find your Tribeca at an outlet or instore? I was on the website last week and couldn't find the leather Tribeca, only patent:sad:

    I'm not in disbelief... I can see how this choice was made:smile::smile:
  3. I can't help but wonder if the navy Tribeca was underappreciated at FP, or perhaps Coach simply made too much inventory. I wasn't wowed with the somewhat traditional (IMO) Tribeca based on photos, but that navy....I just love it! I snatched up one from my outlet last weekend like a hawk on her prey. I spotted her, swooped in, grabbed her by the handles, and marched off to the side to examine her in detail.

    I love this just-dressy-enough bag, and I don't normally like pebbled leather. The color just rocks and the leather is so soft without being shapeless. It's also the only one of my recent Coach purchases that DH loved the moment I pulled her out of the shopping bag.
  4. Congrats on the Tribeca tote!!! She is very pretty!!! The Ginger Sabrina is nice too!!!!
    You are not alone as far as changing your mind on the Cobalt Sabrina!!!! Minds can easily change!!! Mine has!! LOL I forever wanted a Camel Patent Sabrina but wasn't going to pay FP. I was hoping they would come to the outlets!!! I was at mine one day and they had the Plum Patent Sabrinas. I bought her!!! She is so nice!!!! I then saw the Camel Patent Sabrina (a week later at the outlet!) I didn't regret buying her because I thought I had made a better choice with the plum! I also have a Tan Sabrina and other brown bags so I wanted something different!!!
    Congrats on your Choices!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  5. I found my Tribeca at the outlet last weekend like an hour before closing. There were tons of Tribeca E/W Totes in Gold Patent and Navy and I saw at least 1 Black Leather (there may have been more in the back). With the discounts (50% off and an additional 20% off), it came to approximately $91 before tax.

    My mother also spotted the Navy at Macys for $208 and I think there was an additional 20% off promotion if you wore red, but that may have ended.
  6. I always hark back to the wise words of a girl on another forum...

    "It's only a deal if you get exactly what you want"

    And think you liked the Sabrina...but the Tribecca was it. You could have made the swap, no big deal...but you knew in the end what the right path was for you...good choice and it's a very happy ending!! Enjoy your bags
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    Thanks. I think it may also be because I have purple on the brain. Since Christmas, I've acquired bags that I felt were missing from my "nicer" handbag collection. Now that I have my blue (Tribeca), yellow (Sabrina), brown (Garnet), gray (BCBGMaxAzria N/S Tote) and everyday throw around black (The Sak Silverlake Convertible Satchel), I just need purple to make my handbag collection complete. If I could find a Plum Audrey or Maggie at the outlet on 50% clearance with an additional 20% off coupon (I've been spoiled) or some other drool worthy bag (I think one Coachie tPfer has a purple Gianni Bini that I love) I'd be a happy camper.
  8. I also bought the leather Navy Tribeca this afternoon at our outlet. I had purchased a Peyton carryall, FP, in blue. It was delivered from Coach yesterday. I went to the outlet just to "see" what was available. For some reason, I just keep thinking about the cost of the carryall and if I really liked it because it had short straps. Outlet handed me a 20% off coupon too. I bought another bag, three key fobs, a scarf and still had $100 left. They even took back my carryall and refunded my money. So I didn't have to go back to the Coach store.

    They had two in the Navy leather. I saw the Tribeca at the CS but not in Navy. So guess this color was made for the outlet. I'm hoping it's not too wide for me. I'm only 5'3". But I love the soft leather. Bought a nice maroon scarf to add a contrast. Was glad to see this post. :biggrin:
  9. HI,
    You have a great Collection! I think I did see a Plum Maggie at my outlet but didn't look at the price!!! It was in the clearance section! Sak is very nice!!! Don't worry I am sure you will eventually find a Purple handbag!!! I am on the "hunt" for the perfect red wallet!!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. your choices sound great...i have the cobalt sabrina and i think the ginger rocks..I did get a ginger capacity wristlet to fill that void.... :smile:
  11. sometimes things just happen that way you think you want something and you want it so bad, then something else pops up and then your need is filled. that is great that the tribecca filled that need.

    and the ginger sabrina is awesome

  12. Since I own the large cobalt and willing to break my BAN for the navy tribeca... you made a good choice. I love the cobalt and she goes with a handful of my outfits and definitely stands out. And I was lucky enough to get her at outlet with coupon too. However, I scooped up the navy tribeca wristlet a couple of months ago and have been dying to get the tote.

    I love how the navy changes color under different lighting... more vivid blue in daylight and true navy indoors. I also will probably break my BAN for the gold patent tote too. I saw both at the FP stores and loved them both. Hoping to find one today at my outlet!
  13. The Sabrina is a gorgeous bag, but I have owned both (Sabrina and Tribeca) and the Tribeca is much easier to carry. I'm not a "crook of the arm" carrier and I hate using the shoulder strap on the Sabrina. The Tribeca has a very basic shape, isn't as popular, and is much more comfortable to use.
  14. I think you made the right choice, the Tribeca totes are great bags and you still got a Sabrina out of the deal! :tup:
  15. ^^ITA! I always try to find a way to get two great bags out of the deal. I would love to see pics of both!

    BTW, your collection sounds heavenly!