I Can't Believe I'm In LOVE with $8 shoes!!!

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  1. [​IMG] I was with a friend yesterday at Steve and Barry's because she wanted to look at something, and I found these shoes from SJP Bitten line!! I wore them today, and they might just be the most comfortable shoe I have wore in a while!!!! The are so ADOREABLE on the foot:love: I got them in black, but they also come in two other colors...purple and another color. I am actually going to back today after work and buy a back up pair just in case I wear these out (not sure how long they will last since they are not leather) and at $8 bucks its a STEAL!!
  2. omg $8 thats awesome!!
  3. Congrats, I found a pair of flats for 12.99 once and I love them too.
  4. not all cute shoes have to be super pricey. sometimes you can find cute ones for bargains too =)