I can't believe I'll ever do this...my first Chanel!!! It's not a bag, don't laugh!!

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  1. Introducing my first Chanel ever..........the Chanel Cotton Club LT Silver Long Wallet!

    I'm in love! It's a like a dream come true! I never thought I'd be wanting a Chanel until I saw this in real life....it's so classy, elegant, and TDF! :heart: I've always liked the Cambon line and this resembles the line.

    Even my bf loves it! I hope it doesn't wear out too soon~!!

    That said, I feel relieved that I'm not interested in any bags....just.........yet. ;):angel:




    P3270299.JPG P3270300.JPG P3270301.JPG P3270303.JPG
  2. Stunning Color!!
  3. Ohhh i :heart: it. You're right, very classy and elegant. Does this come in black? The white looks like pearls. very pretty.
  4. Very pretty, congrats!
  5. ^ yes, it comes in black, but they didn't have any when i went there...

  6. Gorgeous wallet! Trust me, a wallet is all it takes -you'll get sucked in soon enough into bags ;) Congrats!
  7. Congrats love your wallet! and soon you'll be buying bags, Chanel is a beautiful addiction:tup:;)
  8. it's all downhill from here my friend
  9. Gorgeous wallet! :tup:

    Who says your first Chanel needs to be a bag?

    My first Chanel is a pair of earrings given to me by my sister. I lost them last year whilst on a business trip...:crybaby: Then my sister gave me another pair. :yahoo:
  10. congrats it's gorgeous.
  11. pretty color!! its a great first piece, hopefully many more to come!!
  12. nice color and congrats on your first chanel
  13. Hi rensky, nice to see you here too :graucho:, what a lovely wallet, congrats on your First Chanel!! :flowers:
  14. sorry to tell you this, but a chanel bag will soon follow. hahaha. chanel is addicting. pretty wallet! congrats.
  15. very pretty! congrats!