i can't believe i'd just BIN-ed.....

  1. Well.. i have been tossing between a vermillion/Rouge Garance or Black 35cm Birkin. Then between which leathers (clemence or Togo), and just when i wanted to buy a black clemence.. up pops a Black 35 Togo Birkin and i couldn't resist and just BIN-ed... I just have to wait for the seller (a listed reputable one) to return from Holidays and i'll get my bag!!:yahoo:

    I can't wait... My finger is still twitching over the vermillion birkin though....hehe..

    And, i purchased a black clemence massai PM on Thursday from our local H store and now this... 2 H bags in 3 days is not bad i say....
  2. Congrats, Kasumi!:yahoo: You are on a roll!:choochoo: But ooh, you must tell us, gh or ph?
  3. wow!! you've been one busy H client!! enjoy!!
  4. Congratulations - can't wait to see the photos! Now to that hardware question . . . .??????!!!!
  5. Good for you!
  6. Congrats! :nuts: You must post photos :graucho:
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :drinks::drinkup:
    Finding a black 35 togo is no mean feat. You did good!!
  8. I really enjoy my black Togo, cannot wait to see yours!! Congratulations.

  9. Which one did you buy? If you provide the link, we can all see it right now!
  10. Dear Ms. K:

    Sometime we got to let the finger 'do the walking'... Don't 'walk' so much in such short time or else your DH or SO will go :lecture:

  11. CONGRATS!!!! :wtf: H bags are raining down on you!!!
  12. That is awesome! Congratulations on two lovely new H bags! hNe
  13. Congratulations!!
  14. You are definitely on a roll! Congratulations!
  15. Wow, congrats!!!