I can't believe I was a witness...

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  1. I was getting gas, went into the station for a pack of gum....noticed a lady in a BLACK new Commander....well, as I was paying the guy kept looking out the window - the broad had the nerve to leave without paying!!! Almost $38 in gas!!! Can you believe that...I have heard about it but never seen it happen before!!!! WOW, the NERVE of people!!! She was a well dress lady w/a brand new Jeep commander and couldn't afford to pay her gas! I am discusted...too bad I didn't get her plate number, etc...and there was nothing the gas station attendant could do!!! So sad, this is also another reason our gas prices are so high!! The nerve of people!!! :cursing: :cursing:
  2. I was always annoyed when I first came to the states that they make you pay before pumping your gas, but I can see that it is really necessary. Its sad people take advantage like that! Shame on them!
  3. yeah.. I she pumped her gas and said Fuggedaboudit!!!
  4. It is probably not that she could not afford it... she chose not to pay for it. Sickening.
  5. Don't they have cameras at gas stations to get the plate number or something? What a loser!
  6. Yes in England we have CCTV, I would have thought America had that, was it some out of the way place?
  7. I can't believe people actually do things like that - what is the world coming to?
  8. i was just wondering this the other day when I was pumping my gas, people CAN definantely get away with it. (not saying that I would EVER do that) But there is a huge amount of extremely dishonest people around!!
  9. That's terrible! People these days!
  10. Wow, where are you? Here in CA you have to prepay.
  11. OMG how tacky of her!! :sad:

  12. :yucky: i know!

    i really dislike people like her....
  13. omg ..i cant believe there's such ppl whom will act so ..
  14. I did that once accidentally in Virginia. In NY, you pay first for your gas. When I was in Virginia, I went inside to pay for like a pack of gum and a bottle of water. I thought my friend was paying outside like we do in NY. He thought I was paying inside, like some conveniece stores in NY So we left, started to
    drive, and 2 states away realized neither of us had paid!! I felt so bad!
  15. that's the difference, though. You didn't mean to do it.

    BTW, Faith, Happy birthday!:heart: