I Cant Believe I Hesitated...(long posting alert)

  1. but for ages I have wanted to get my teeth fixed. When I was young I had an illness and the antibiotics I was given damaged my teeth. Then about 5 years ago , I had a sailing accident and broke my jaw. The end result is that my teeth are now mis-aligned completely as well. I know my sweet DH has been putting money away for my dentistry work.
    BUT Harrods have my dream 31cm Etoupe Bolide in swift.:drool:
    I was so exited and told him. Yaaaay!!
    our conversation went like this:

    Me: Honey, I have found my dream bag, but it costs £2890
    Him: How much????:cursing: I have just saved all the money to get your teeth done. you have wanted it for so long!!
    Me: I know, buts its my dream bag:drool:
    Him: well I cant afford both for now. you will have to decide what is the most important to you.
    ME: UHHm
    Him: I cant believe you just hesitated!!!

    So anyway, I have mulled it over. And I have decided the Bolide will have to wait abit longer:crybaby:And I know that when I finally get it, my big smile will be all the bigger (and perfect i hope). But I still feel a little sad:sad:
    I know I have made the right decision, please give me some support!!!!
  2. Absolutely. No question. The bag will always be there when you're really ready to buy it!
  3. omg you totally made the right decision! you can always buy a bag but getting your smile fixed is priceless! the joy your smile will bring to yourself and everyone around you is more than a handbag will ever bring you!!!
  4. you have made the correct decision. seriously. take care of yourself.
  5. Your health is paramount. The bag will come later. Good luck.
  6. Absolutely, positively "right" decision...

    But do understand the temptation of H... : )
  7. yes your teeth are very important and the bag will still be there in the future..
  8. You did good. Take care of your teeth. I'm anal with my dental care and buy dental floss, toothbrushes, and toothpaste in bulk. I'm thinking of splurging on a whitening treatment for myself. There is nothing better than a great smile.
  9. Put yourself first, your Bolide can wait, as soon as you have the funds saved up again, let us all know and we'll track down your etoupe Bolide for you super fast, just hang onto the idea of posting an action pic of you smiling over your beautiful new bag. You have definitely made the right decision.
  10. thanks so much, S`Mum, hlfinn, Guccigal,asa.
    i know (i think!) i have made the right decision. I cant believe i actually cried:crybaby:I so wanted that bag. But i have to put it in perspective (prob spelt that wrong as always). I am truly thankful that i am getting my smile sorted. i smile alot (face full of dimples)
  11. congrats For Makin The Right Decision! Your Dream Bag Will Come Later Don't Worry!
  12. SoCal,hkloosterman, hermesgroupie(love that name) and allaboutnice. thanks for your support. When i get my teeth done i am gonna post a special thread.
  13. No doubt about it, you made the right decision!
  14. I completely understand the temptation to put off your dental restoration, raz. You want that bag right now!

    But I had braces as an adult and will never forget my ortho tellling me "your smile is your best accessory - take care of it and wear it a lot! It will take you places."

    That beautiful bag will be there when you're done, and you and your DH can start saving again :p right now for your etoupe Bolide. You'll have a gorgeous smile and new Bolide in no time!

    Congratulations on making the hard and right decision.
  15. ^^^ i so totally need braces (again!) but have been putting it off until i decide officially. most people wouldn't think i do but my teeth have shifted and i now have spaces i never did before and it irritates me.