I can't believe I found these!!! (reveal!!!!)

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  1. Hey y'all, after taking a break for awhile, I'm back in the fun. I found a super awesome bag that I just had to have and at a very good price! This bag was the first bag I admired on my first visit to Louis Vuitton ever, but the price tag was not something I was willing to spend. I'm so thrilled with it and its in PERFECT condition. And like any good Louis Vuitton addict, I immediately bought her a little accessory to match. So here are two photos, who wants to guess before I reveal?? :smile:

    IMG_2824.jpg IMG_2825.jpg
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  3. Aube Metis Hobo and matching key pouch?
  4. Montaigne and key pouch in magenta? I forgot the name of that really pretty purple color.
  5. Eeeeeeek!!!
  6. Aurore lumi?
  7. Hmmmm, some interesting guesses here :smile: I'm sitting here on my couch staring at my new lovelies, they smell delicious!!!! Sooooooon, my dears, soon! :P
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  8. The torture!!!
  9. Hmmmm, should I put everyone out of their misery??? :biggrin:
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  10. Haha! I know. It looks like something in Amethyste maybe? I am dying for something in Amethyste!!
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  11. Is the bag is from the Empreinte leather line and the little accessory is from the vernis line? :P
  12. Definitely empreinte, whatever it is....:graucho:
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  13. Alright, some great guesses. Some got the color, others got the bag. NO ONE guesses the accessory :smile: So without further ado, here are my beautiful new to me lovelies!

    Introducing my Amethyste Empreinte Metis Hobo and Compact Curieuse Wallet!

    I'm super thrilled, I found the Metis on Yoogi's and then just had to go and find her a matching wallet! I loved this bag the first time I saw it my first ever visit to Louis Vuitton, but was not willing to spend that much! Thanks Yoogi's Closet for yet another awesome deal!!!!! So much LVoe!!!!

    IMG_2827.jpg IMG_2829.jpg
  14. How fun to find the first bag you wanted and a wallet to match! Beautiful, congrats!
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  15. Congrats on this gorgeous beauty! Amethyst Metis would have been my second guess because I know you like those pretty purple colors. Enjoy!
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