I can't believe I did this

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  1. This morning I went to a fitness challenge with two of my friends. We had to get weighed. When it was my turn I slipped off my flip flops and stepped onto the scale, at the same time putting my bag on a nearby chair. The lady asks: 'Don't you want a paper cover for underneath?' I glance at the bag and say 'No, it will be fine' her response...'I meant for your feet'. Oops!!
  2. OMG! That's freaking hilarious! I totally would've thought the same thing.:nuts:
  3. :roflmfao:
  4. I would have said the same thing!
  5. Makes totally sense to me. Feet you can wash, a bag is so much more delicate :smile:
  6. Lol!
  7. LMAO!!! I would've thought the same thing too!!! You knew us purse fanatics would completely understand.
  8. Which bag were you carrying btw maddgiggler?
  9. lol
  10. I was still carrying the Offbeat.
  11. LOL, that's funny!
  12. :lol:
  13. :P I would've said the same thing!
  14. I would have said the same also. My feet can always be washed!!!
  15. This cracked me up. Wish I could've been there so I could laugh even harder.