i can't believe i did this . . .

  1. so i won an auction for an hermes kelly -- the pics looked real, but it was a new seller and it didn't get bid up (no reserve). i know it's a risky transaction, but i should mention that my risk tollerance is pretty high -- and while i have been burned a few times, so far i'm beating the house!

    anyway, the listing didn't include a shipping charge, and i've e-mailed the seller at least six times for an invoice -- no response of course. so i figure they didn't expect it to sell so low, and are just ignoring me to get out of it. so instead of moving on, what do i do? i add 50 bucks for shipping and send the paypal payment. :wtf:

    i know-- completely idiotic! but i'm SO bloody tired of being taken on eBay, and this was the final straw. the seller is about a 2-hr drive from me -- if i don't receive the bag i'm going to file in small claims to get it turned over to me. oh, and contact the police, too. TAWANDA!!!! (a la' fried green tomatoes).
  2. Call the seller...you can get her phone number by using the links on my eBay. Just go to help and type in contact seller by phone and the directions will come up.

    Trying to get out of a sale because you did not get your price sucks!
  3. Oh :shocked: I guess that you're really want that item? Agree with above, try to call her by phone
  4. DQ, o no thats' so annoying. I would try to contact them on the phone as well. I wouldn't just pay before you are sure your seller will send the bag to you.

    If this doesn't help then indeed file a SNAD! crazy girl thinking of driving up there:smile:
  5. i know -- it was totally crazy. but i have just HAD IT!!!!! :cursing: i had competely forgotten you could get a phone number -- thanks! i just put in the info request and i'm going to call and say, sweetly, 'since you haven't been answering my e-mails i wanted to call to let you know i sent payment.'

    as for really wanting the bag, it's really more a matter of the sicilian in me coming out.
  6. Ha I completely understand !!! Hope you get them on the phone!!!! and you will get that Kelly home soon:smile: can't wait for PICTURES !!!
  7. This is a great story- I can't wait for the ending! Actually, I think you did the right thing. I've heard about sellers who fail to send an invoice, and the buyer doesn't know how much to pay, so they wait, and then the seller files a claim against them for not paying on time. That's probably what this seller was trying to do- wait 7 days to see if you wouldn't pay, then file a claim against you and turn it into your fault. Either that or it's a fraudulent eBay account from someone overseas who has taken off with your money :devil:... Hope it's not the latter!:smile:
  8. Good for you! Hopefully it will all turn out beautifully with a happy ending. Good luck!
  9. How long has it been since the auction ended? I would still post in the Hermes section to get it authenticated, just in case.
  10. TAWANDA! I love it! LOL! :lol: Hope it all works out for you.
  11. TAWANDA!!!! (a la' fried green tomatoes).:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. If a seller REALLY doesn't want to sell to you, there's not too much you can do to make her do so. You can file an INR (item not received) with Paypal, but if she refunds your money (which she didn't want in the first place) then that ends your dispute.

    You can file NPS complaint with ebay (non performing seller), which will give her a slap on the wrist. Apart from that, only her conscience can make her send your item.

    STILL, she either needs to refund, or send your item pronto. I'd DEFINITELY call her - and ask for my bag or money ASAP.
  13. subing to hear the "rest of the story." Good Luck.
  14. :yes: any update? Do you get your item or $?
  15. i'm axious to hear how it ended...we need an update....lol....