I can't believe I did it!!!!

  1. As some of you know, I've had a rough year-health, bad job, ending two year relationship, on, and on, and on. I started a business last year, and it has been growing, but with the illnesses and job issues, I hadn't been putting much time in my business.

    Long-story short, I was looking for a retail space, because I was home-based. I went into a popular mall, looking for a kiosk, thinking in a year or so, I could have a store. After the leasing management saw my products, and what I wanted to do, she gave me an unbelievable deal to open a store-not a kiosk-smack dab in the middle of the mall!!!!

    I open on Oct. 1, 2007 and I'm soooo excited. For years I've nurtured and lived my analytical side. This venture fulfills the creative part of my being and I'm loving it. A little scared, nervous about the responsibility I will be taking on-but excited none the less. Prayers and good vibes would be highly appreciated at the moment,:tup:
  2. CONGRATS!What an accomplishment!U should be SOOO proud!!!!
    What kind of store is it?
  3. I am very proud of myself, and I've done it with my own money-no loans or investors.:wlae:

    I started with handbags, but with the extra space, I'll be able to expand to shoes and accessories. I can now officially live up to the nickname my friends have given me-queen of the accessoriezed:queen:. If I go out with jewlery own, they think that the world is ending. LOL.

    Thanks for asking:smile:
  4. That's awesome!!!!! I'm soooo excited for you! Sounds like a store I'd love to visit! Congrats to you on such an accomplishment!
  5. Congratulations!! Good karma to you!
    I once almost opened a SHOE store...high end..but I was too scared to.I even had the name picked out!...hehe...Good for u!!!!!
  7. Congrats, dlovely51!! Best of luck!!

    Jill, you so should do it now!! I would buy anything you would sell -- you have great tastes and an excited way about you that makes me want to buy!!
  8. Thanks guys! You're so awesome:tup:

    Jill, I agree-go for it!!! Believe me, if I can do it-anyone can!!

    Maybe I'll pm you for advice opn shoes/boots I want to stock for the Xmas season;)
  9. Congrats to you! That's wonderful news!
  10. Thanks dustypaws-cute name.
  11. Congrats!!! That is so great!!!!
  12. Wow!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! That's so major!! And it sounds like exactly the break you've been needing!!!

    Good luck!!! :tup:
  14. Congratulations!!! That's an amazing achievement to accomplish. Wow well done you for taking on something so big and following through with it, I wish you all the success in the world.

    I want to hear all about this store and picutres when it's up and running! That's so exciting having your own store I bet you've been kept very busy at the moment :smile:
  15. dlovely, that is absolutely wonderful! What an achievement, particularly as it sounds like you've had a really challenging year, and so inspiring. I wish you every possible success!