I can't believe I am saying this...

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  1. Anyone who knows me knows that I have had a Balenciaga on my wish list for 4 years, if not longer!!!! It all started with Nicole Richie. In fact, it was a simple google search of Nicole Richie’s handbag that led me to find purseblog.com!!!!! I liked the purse, but wasn’t in love. Then, a picture of Cameron Diaz, carrying a white bag with GGH surfaced on the Internet. Again, another google search led me to purseblog.com. That is when I became a member of TPF and began to read, study, and learn about Balenciaga. At that point, I really, really liked the giant hardware version of the bag but wished I could find one in silver, as I don’t own anything gold.

    As Lauren Conrad’s #1 fan, I am an adamant watcher of Laguna Beach and The Hills. I even perform random google searches of her name just to find pictures of her and see what she is wearing. Several pictures began to surface of LC with her Balenciaga bags, as well. Now, I am serious – I too have to own one! On my quest to find a Balenciaga, my morning routine was to wake up at 6am and immediately log onto bluefly.com, smartbargains.com, and overstock.com in hopes that I could find a Balenciaga. Each time I actually found one; by the time I clicked “add to shopping cart” it was gone! For almost 2 years, I was unsuccessful in my quest! I even planned a trip to Las Vegas and New York in hopes of tracking down a bag – but elected to go with two newly released Louis Vuitton pieces instead…

    Then, post plastic surgery Heidi Montag practically became my style icon!!!! One day, while watching The Hills, I spotted her turquoise Balenciaga with GSH and I was in LOVE!!!! Finally, the bag that I had been yearning for was finally available in the type of hardware that I wanted. That is when I became really serious; more serious than ever before! Around that time, the Neiman Marcus in Atlanta started carrying Balenciaga. I’d go to visit every weekend and they’d never have the color that I wanted or they’d never have the giant silver hardware – but at least I knew that it existed.

    Finally, as time progressed, I became a regular visitor of TPF. Reading through the threads I was able to determine which Balenciaga I wanted, which style, which color. In looking through the shopping sub-forum, I was able to identify reputable sellers in the Atlanta area and on the Internet. And then, much to my amazement, I became the owner of three Balenciaga pieces in 1 month.

    For the last week, I have been carrying my Ruby Balenciaga Work GSH. I can not go anywhere without receiving a plethora of compliments on the bag. Everyone else loves it, but I don’t!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? The bag that I hunted and stalked for years is finally mine and I don’t even like it! The hardware hits everything and I am constantly checking the bag to make sure one hasn’t fallen off… That, unfortunately, is the least of my complaints. Since the second day of carrying the bag, I have had unbearable pain in my shoulders. I’ve tried alternating arms but I think because I am right hand dominant, I naturally carry the bag on my left side so that I can use my right hand to hold my keys, hold my drink, talk on the phone, etc. I was thinking that maybe it would take some getting used to…Maybe I just needed to strengthen my muscles… Now, it has been a little over a week and the pain is getting worse… I am sleeping with a heating pad, taking Aleve for the pain and inflammation, begging all of my friends for shoulder massages, etc., and there has been no relief! I think I am going to have to put my bag away.

    I know it may seem illogical to relate my shoulder pain to my purse, but what else could it be? As an auditor of worker’s comp claims, I am pretty familiar with mechanisms of injury and I haven’t experienced any traumatic incidents, haven’t been in any accidents, haven’t changed up my workout, haven’t changed the ergonomics of my desk, etc. The only thing in my life that has changed – the handbag that I carry…

    What am I supposed to do? Has anyone else experienced any pain upon receipt of your first Balenciaga? I’ve had all of my friends try to lift it and they all admit that it’s very heavy – which I am sure denotes good, quality leather. I can’t take anything out of the bag because the only thing that’s in it is a wallet, an agenda, some sunglasses, and some lip gloss.

    Any thoughts? Any recommendations? Should I just keep carrying it and hope to get used to it?
  2. No - I am pleased as punch with every balenciaga I own or have every owned. It sounds like what you don't like is the Giant Hardware. The GH Bags are much heavier and clunkier to carry imo. Perhaps you'd be happier with a regular hardware bags? A RH city is light as a feather and really easy to carry. If you don't love it - let it go, life's to short to not love your bag.
  3. I don't know what to tell you! I would love to own your bag, I am dying for a ruby with SGH! I would carry it no matter what! I have a day with SGH and I do not find it heavy! But then I was carrying Chloe paddys before!
  4. Sorry to hear about those problems. I have 3 Balenciaga bags and one make-up purse. All have regular hardware and are really light. My Twiggy is like a feather! I actually have shoulder pain as we speak, but the pain is in my right shoulder, and I carry bags on my left hand/shoulder. Sounds like your gremlin is the giant hardware. What a pity to spoil the enjoyment of such a beautiful bag. I do hope you find a solution. Perhaps you could sell on the bag and find a different style in the same colour, with reg hardware.
  5. sometimes my shoulder aches when I carry my GSH Part-time around but that's really because the GSH weighs up to quite a bit! Furthermore yours is a work & it doesn't come with the sling strap that would let you wear it cross-bodied.

    think Regular hardware would solve your problem.
  6. ohhhh no! that majorly sucks! I occasionally get lowerback/hip pain when
    I carry a heavy bag and walk a lot. living in nyc, its almost a necessity to do both. I can understand your frustration because I too have adored bbags for ever and finally purchased one, or four (lol) in quick succession only to find that all the styles i thought i loved don't necessarily work for my life style. Living in ATL you probably drive a lot right? If carrying a bag still results in pain in an area where you can throw it in the seat next to you when you are doing most of your commuting, that's a problem! either return it for a smaller bag with the GH like a day or go for RH. I have decided that the Day bag in GH is the perfect bag because its enough space to toss most of your junk for the day, its not too heavy, its unstructured enough not to knock into things and it looks great in all the hardware balenciaga makes. I have two in RH. LOVE them! Overall, SORRY this happened to you :sad:
  7. If it's causing you pain then I would trade it for a different style... Bal makes so many great styles! Does your Midday cause you pain too? Do you wear your Work on your shoulder, crook of the arm, or as a handbag? I can only comfortably wear bags with some weight on my shoulder so I prefer the City, Part-Time, and am considering a Weekender. Good luck with your decision... Ruby GSH is such a lovely combo... maybe just try a different style... :flowers:
  8. i dont know what else to tell u because ive got a part time in GGH and ive carried it for over a year and ive never quite had an issue with it. i reckon its a matter of whats in it i suppose and the weight distribution
  9. I know what you mean, I went from an LV Speedy25 to a Bal City with GGH...definately felt the difference in weight at first. But I really love my City GGH even with the extra weight, however I don't suffer from any major pain (except if I carry it for 2 hours shopping!). But that is why I just purchased a first, for times when I know I will be walking for a long time! Maybe you should consider getting a smaller bag with GH or a bag with regular hardware.
  10. First of all, you have such a clear, articulate writing style that I didn't find it tedious to read your long post!

    Secondly, a GH work is an awkward style to carry on a regular basis. I took it to the mall for a few hours and was sorry I didn't opt for my city or PT with the shoulder strap. I lift weights so my arms and shoulders are strong; it was not pain I was experiencing but discomfort. Even though the giant work handles are longer they still sit right under my armpit so shouldering for long periods is hard as is holding on the forearm. I keep a minimum of items in my bag just like you. The only difference is I am right-handed and always carry my bag on the left shoulder or forearm, making it easier to be hands-free.

    Was it you you mentioned you love Chanel but can't find any bags you like? Chanel makes some lightweight totes that are beautiful yet feel like nothing to carry. I always reach for them when I know I'm going to be out and about for awhile.
  12. Oh no! Do you carry the bag on the crook of your elbow or over your shoulder?

    I have the Ruby City in RH which I absolutely love and that is very light - I would agree with the others it may be the giant hardware that's the problem
  13. I know your feeling...the first time I tried a GH Work on I felt the weight immediately! That's why I have not been trying to get something in GH yet. You might trade your GH Work in for a RH one, just don't give Bbags up! Good luck with your decision...
  14. I find my GH Cities and Brief OK but have never tried a GH work. My RH Work is as light as a feather. What about trying one of those if you want to carry a big bag?
  15. First of all a Work is a large bag on it's own and I would never be able to carry it around especially with giant hardware!! If I wanted giant hardware, the City would be the largest that I could manage to carry. Also the Day is okay in giant hardware.

    If you bought your bags at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta, they will gladly take them back if you have your receipt. If you bought them from Jeffrey's, you only have a short period of time and if you bought them on the Internet, don't have a clue if you can return them. I definitely wouldn't keep an expensive bag like Bal if you can't carry it.
    Good luck and let us know what you end up doing about your problem.