I can't believe I am posting this...

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  1. I feel embarrassed and ashamed that I am even posting this but I need advice from people that have been there. (I realize this is probably taboo to admit, please don't judge)

    I am 31 weeks pregnant and the pregnancy is planned. DH and I have a great relationship and we are financially ready for this baby. I am excited to start this new chapter in my life but sometimes it hits me and I think, "WHAT THE $%#@ AM I DOING"?!?!
    I am scared and overwhelmed. The unexpected is a lot of what freaks me out but the fact that it is so real and so quickly approaching makes me feel like I have lost control of my life. Everything in life is so temporary...and this isn't. I need to know that I am not the only normal, caring and stable person that has thought this. I need advice.:crybaby:
  2. You are perfectly normal! I have a beautiful 2 year old and I still have fleeting moments of "Blimey, I'm someone's mum"....I love my daughter to pieces and can't wait to add a sibling, but I still have wobbly moments when I doubt my parenting and sometimes my desire to be a parent :smile:
  3. This feeling just hit me this morning when I complained to DH that I haven't had ANY sleep in the last 2 weeks and I miss my 8-hour a night sleep! He says to me, "You will not have another straight 8-hour night sleep for the next couple of years!" I started tearing up! Not sure if it's just hormones or what?!?!!? But like pheebs said, I think it is quite normal for us to be feeling this way now. We are almost at the finish line...hang in there...:heart:
  4. oh my gracious!! you are so normal!!! dh and i are having our 3rd, so we know what to expect and i still feel the same way. i wonder if we made the right choice. i wonder if i will be able to handle the responsibility of another child. i wonder if we are totally stupid for having another one. our youngest is almost 4...so we are going back to the sleepless nights, the crying, the diapers...all that fun stuff. then i feel the baby move and i can't wait for her/him to be here.

    no matter what you will get through this. as soon as you hold your baby and look into his/her eyes you will be in love. that doesn't mean that there won't be moments where you once again wonder what in the world you got yourself into, because there may be more of them. but you will be fine. you make adjustments, you figure out what works and you go from there. :hugs: to you and wish you all the best!!
  5. Um no worries I had that feeling about 5 days ago and I'm 31 weeks preggers!!! It was when I realized it will no longer be just DH and I doing what we want, when we want. It FREAKED me out. LOL. Then I shared it with him and I think I freaked him out!! :faint: I think it's normal...well I'm chaulking it up to normal for me anyhow! LOL! But it's a fleeting thought. I'm sure once we hold our LO's it will pass away!!!
  6. I went through the same thing. It's normal, you know your life is going to be very different but you don't know how different. Nobody and nothing can prepare you for parenthood, the ups and downs, the worrying, self doubt, etc but the joy and love you will experience ... it's absolutely amazing. Best thing I've ever done in my life. You will be a great mom. Hang in there.
  7. Oh hun, you are totally normal! I did that, too, with BOTH of my boys!! The feeling will pass, I promise!
  8. Another NORMAL vote here but in my case it was 2 coming at once!! Talk about life changing event!! I was in denial for quite some time. Just woke up one day and said "well you can't send them back so deal with it", after that all was good..lol
  9. Oh trust me..I felt like this too. I would think, "Oh my gosh...I am really going to have a baby."

    I am married and we planned to get pregnant and I have wanted kids for so long. But it hit me that it was real..there was no turning back!

    I now have 2 kids and not a day goes by that I don't thank the heavens above for both of them. Life would not be the same without them.

    Your feelings are normal and they will pass.

    Wait until you see your baby for the first time and you hold your baby in your arms..it is truly amazing.

    You are going to be great!! :yes:
  10. Totally normal. When I got the + I freaked out. I thought OMG what did I do, what the >>>was I thinking and every once in awhile it still pops in my head that I shouldn't have done this BUT I love my LO so much already and I know it's normal to have those days

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    ^^ lol...i often ask dh if we kept the receipts and if we can exchange them for 18 yr olds!! hehehe :rolleyes:

    ** jerzygirl's post
  12. If you figured that having a baby wasn't a big deal or that you knew everything you needed to know, I would worry more! Any sane person at some point realizes that they are truly undertaking a life-changing event and wonders if they are up to the task. You are totally normal!
  13. You are normal!!! Towards the end of my pregnancy I started freaking out wondering what DH and I were thinking! We didn't know how to take care of a baby! My husband hugged me and said we weren't idiots, and we, and the baby would be fine! And 4 years later we are! It's a huge life change, but it is so worth it!!
  14. I still remember when they first laid my daughter in my arms. I was like, WHO IS this person? I was so afraid with each baby that I was going to get some brat whom I couldn't control. After the first night when my daughter didn't cry that much in the hospital, my DH declared her an easy baby. I was like, yeah, right. But you know what? She is a sweetheart and so is her sister. I can't imagine my life without them.

    Your feelings are normal. All those people who are in love with this stranger in the womb are the strange ones. Haha.
  15. You're not alone; I'm in the same boat. My pregnancy wasn't planned and I'm beginning to feel like a nervous wreck, constantly doubting whether or not my boyfriend and I can handle such a responsibility and if we're doing the right thing. Granted, I have a lot of time till my baby is due, but still. I think it's completely normal to feel this way. Seeing as a lot of other expectees and mothers on here who feel the same way puts me at ease. This is a huge responsibility but just think, in the end, it will all be worth it. Good luck! =)