I can't believe I am just now posting this!! *Pics*

  1. LOL Well after many TPF threads and a poll, here she is!!!:yahoo:

    Actually, I got her in June, but I have been too lazy to post pics til now!

    Specs: 2007 328i...Alpine White with Beige leather interior and dark burl wood

    I am SO GLAD I got Bi-Xenon headlights...they are sooo amazing!!!:yes:

    SO helped me post these pics...and he couldn't help himself so he snuck a few pics of his truck in too...LOL:roflmfao:

    Thanks to EVERYONE who offered their advice and opinions in my car quest!!:heart:
    car and truck.JPG car and truck2.JPG car and truck3.JPG car and truck4.JPG car and truck5.JPG
  2. One more...
    car and truck6.JPG
  3. BEAUTIFUL CAR & TRUCK! :yes::happydance:

    CONGRATS on ur purchase, and thanks SO much for posting the pics! Plus, sunny AZ have never looked better!
  4. ^LOL thanks!! It feels like an OVEN right now though, even at night!
  5. It's a nice car, isn't it?
    I LOVE BMW's!
  6. ^OMG I am so impressed with BMW...I have only driven American/Japanese cars before, so the whole European car thing is new to me...I told SO that in 3 years I am trading in for a 6 series!! ;)
  7. Whooo HOOO! I bet you look hot in that car! CONGRATS!! It's BEAUTIFUL!
  8. Beautiful ride! The only thing missing from your pictures is the proud new owner. :yes:
  9. I want one so BAD! Im such a BMW lover...Your soooo lucky! If you don't mine my asking what was the price after tax and licensing? If you'd prefer to PM me that's ok too...i just wanna get a rough draft at what i would be looking at....cause i want to get one within then next couple of years...
  10. That is a gorgeous car!
  11. Stunning!!!! Vlad is going to be sooooo jealous!!
  12. :drool::drool: Wow, that is one niiiiiice ride! Congrats! :drool:
  13. Gorgeous! Congrats and thanks for sharing pics!
  14. Congrats! I love driving BMW's!
  15. Congrats!