I can't believe I am doing this... but question on my wallet . . .

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Ok, for christmas I received the Victorine wallet. I put it away as I wanted to wait to use it when I purchased my Graceful. So fast forward to two weeks ago, I purchased my graceful and did a reveal of it with my wallet. I just went to use my wallet (we have had rain here in so cal for what seems like forever so I haven't used my bag yet). Anyway, I noticed a small bubble (yes it is small... so small that when i took a picture of it two weeks ago, I didnt see it - but now I can not un-see it.

    It kind of looks like a dried blob of glue, but i have lightly rubbed it with a wet wipe and it is still there.. I have poked it a bit with my nail and no budging . . . I am afraid to poke at it harder and actually nick the canvas and TA DA, I ruined my wallet. Has anyone seen this before?

    And HA HA, I know this is small and no, I do not expect perfection and if this was on the back, it probably wouldn't bother me, but it is right in the front LOL. Laugh away, but in between whispers, does anyone have any idea?

    IMG_6350.jpg IMG_6351.jpg

    in my reveal photos, it was dark and not zoomed in, but now that I look closely, it was there.
  2. I think it's dried glue from the edge glazing. Try not to panic. :biggrin:If you can get into a boutique, the SM or their in-house care specialist can take care of it for you in a minute. A darling wallet, isn't it?
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  3. THANK YOU! I will do that. And yes, I love it - i haven't used it, but i love it from afar. My original LV wallet is the Insolite and I LOVE LOVE that one, but i wanted to try a compact wallet for a change :smile:
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  4. I agree. looks like glue. I bet the professionals can pop it right off.
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  5. I totally get it. I am the same way. I get a new item and I don't obsess about it being perfect. I don't look at one stitch. Or anything. I am like someone falling in love who doesn't see anything but :love: But, if I were to see something eventually. I am the type I can't unsee it. So I get it. It's not about expecting perfection it's more about learning to let go. However if LV can fix it, don't let it go. :lol:
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  6. Thanks. I just need to find a day soon to drive out to my closest store. Fingers crossed it is just glue. If not, I’m still keeping it, but if I can try and fix it, I will :smile:
  7. Take it in and they’ll most likely just exchange it for you!
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