I cant believe I am asking this....

  1. but did you ever think that it was ridiculous to spend this amount of money on a purse etc? you know, before you bought your first one.

    I will start. I will admit that for the longest time I could not understand it and thought it was a waste. Boy was I wrong. Thankfully my eyes were openned to the truth :yes:
  2. Oh I can totally relate to that. About a year or two ago, I couldn't even justify spending 23.00 on a bag. I specifically remember going into a store that my best friend worked at and falling in love with a purse but it was about 25 bucks. My exact words? "I can't believe I'm paying this much for a purse."

    I don't know what changed!!!
  3. I remember when I was probably 21 or so (I'm 37 now), my best friend bought a small Coach bag and I think the price was around $100...I didn't have any designer bags at that time and I remember thinking that was soooo much money to spend on a bag...but not anymore!!!!
  4. Eleven years ago I spent BIG bucks on a Macy's Charter Club leather bag...we're talking $49 on sale (reg. price $69). I carried that bag for 5 years straight, she developed a nice patina, too. My first Coach was $238 and I thought that was insane (3 or 4 years ago). Legacy 2006 has taken care of nearly all of my discretionary money...hopefully, I will be content for a loooonnnnnnnngggggg while. I don't know what's changed either. I mean I love my bags, but I'm always looking for the next one. I hope I learn to appreciate what I have and live vicariously through tPF members' new purchases! (I say this with a black Legacy shoulder bag and a brown Ali ---Thanks to Entheos' pics---on their way to me). Where's the ban thread???
  5. I used to think like $17 was expsensive for a bag! I was young though, but still. I remember my mom going into the Coach outlet, and I'd be like UGH, now just a few years later all I can think about is the 4th of July sale! LOL.
  6. Man, I'm with you!! Why can't I just be content with all the beautiful Coach items that I currently have and not always be on the lookout for that next "great one"!!!
  7. Yep.. same here.. infact I started a thread somewhat similar but it got moved to the handbags forum instead of coach.. but I hear ya!!!
  8. I'm in this group too. I remember only buying bags at Ross/ Marshalls / TJ maxx, then I slllloooowwwly moved to the clearance rack at macys and would snicker at how much "those bags in the case" were. I had a fit when my mom bought me a NineWest bag and matching wallet for about $125!

    Now, that "case" the first place i hit. At least for me it has to do with income levels changing signigicantly (and having discretionary income), and realizing the quality that I was getting for the price. Now, as much as I hate to admit it, I don't mind unless the bag is over $450-500. Then I begin to question how much I really want it...if I find myself like this for a week: :drool: (Like I currently am over the pond legacy shoulder bag that I kick myself for not getting months ago), then I go ahead, because I have a :queen:(queen) complex. It helps when the bag is more reasonable, because I can then justify the wallet, wristlet, etc. as well.
  9. I remember saying to my SO how ridiculous it was to spend that much money on a bag when I saw a girl sporting one in the mall... I went on and on about how it was all about the brand name blah blah blah.

    I don't know what changed either...but ever since I received a wristlet for a gift I've been hooked. I ordered a whiskey Mandy last week so obviously my views have drastically changed!!!! (for the better :yes:)
  10. I rememeber spending $13 on a purse and thinking it was too much :roflmfao:. Then slowly I bought bigger and better bags ($25 LOL, I know, right?). Then for my brithday last year I went to the outlet and got a purse on clearence for $65 and well:rolleyes:, it's gotten worse. LOL
  11. No. Can't ever remember. Have been a long time addict. Must have happened to me in the womb.:shrugs:
  12. I use to have a $25 limit and I'd buy ALL of my bags at TJs/Marshalls.

    I loved bags.. but $25 was my limit.

    Then-- I saw a Coach bag... and I fell in love. My fiance (now hubby) bought it for me for our dating anniversary and I haven't really looked back since. :love:

    I think $200 is a damn good deal nowadays! :yes:
  13. I used to think that spending $40-$50 on a Nine West bag was a lot of money.

    Fast forward about ten years, and I now think that a $200 bag is cheap...My most expensive to date is a ~$600 LV...

    Hate to think the damage I'll do when my med school loans are paid off...:wtf:
  14. Once I hit the $1400 (Balenciaga), I knew I was crazy. That is my limit. It is funny to think that before I found the PF, I was carrying a Liz Claiborne bag that I received numerous compliments on. At that point I already had two CoaCH
  15. LOL I am just about to start med school end of July! What year of school are ya in or are you a resident now?

    YEAH I am totally a bag addict and I know I will probably gradually go for the more expensive brands after residency lol! Can't wait for school to be OVER and I haven't even started yet! HAHA! :smile: