I can't believe I actually want another duffle :)

  1. Here is the Black Cherry duffle DD. You can see all the other colors in the "duffle colors" thread. Sorry I'm on my iPhone and don't know how to insert link to that thread.
  2. It is a dark red. I ordered and returned - the color did not wow me. I was just expecting something else...
  3. Is this a Minnie or regular duffle?
  4. Regular.
  5. I want Black Cherry and Mahagony for my next ones
  6. And burnt orange, and midnight, and...
  7. :smile: it's easier to list the colors that we Don't want... I think that list is shorter :smile:
  8. LOL where will it stop!
  9. I think youre correct! They need to stop coming out with new colors theyre killing me:lol:
  10. when is berry coming out???
  11. Hello. I cannot find Mahagony on the website. Is it really available online or at the stores?

  12. It's not currently available on the website. You'll have to call JAX or go to your FP store to order it.
  14. i love how the leather looks on these bags and in those colors they're just so FRESH! i love them all!! oooo i bet they're leather smell is super strong :biggrin:
  15. Oooh I love the smell of a new leather bag. And yes, they have that, too! :smile:

    I am still excited about the pocket. It's a big deal!