I can't believe I actually want another duffle :)

  1. True, it doesn't happen with every style. So I agree, if its love, go for it!!
    I'm with you:yes:
    Same here! These 3 colors are so fun and bright. :tup:

    Don't be sorry, I agree with you on loving the wider straps and versatility of the duffle!!:smile:
    Congratulations! Great choices, I do love the black, it is a timeless color. But I have to have at least 1or 2 of these vivacious colors, lol.
  2. I hve 7 lindseys. Get as many as u want
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    I have the cobalt and just got the cognac ... I agree, definitely more in my future! Fuchsia or berry ...

    And I love Lindsey's too! 5 now ... And hoping for more!
  4. All great color choices you are wanting. These colors with this style are addicting!!:cray:
    I love how you switch the straps and tassels, makes for an even more stylish bag.
    It is an addiction!! I seen the style on the upcoming bags coming out and I said no not for me, but now I can't get enough of this duffle.
    I love your fuschia, and yes, the smell is wonderful.:drool:

    Thank you all for sharing your reasons for loving the legacy leather duffle. You've given me a few more reasons, lol!
  5. Wow:faint: You also have an amazing sense of style. I love all of your bags!
    I also like the cobalt, its such a nice blue!!:smile: I agree the fuchsia is on my "have to have" list! I have never had such a list, lol
  6. I agree get as many as u desire I have 5 Lindsey's and counting lol
  7. Just got back from my FP store. Picked up my UV which isn't even close to the DD pics- it's actually WAY better than the pics!!! Saw all the other colours as well, I loved the black cherry and I still may have to get that one yet. I decided, however, to forgo the black duffle and go with the black colourblock duffle instead. :graucho:
  8. Do you have a room just for your bags?!
  9. Good choices! Congratulations and enjoy:smile:
  10. I shall thanks!!!
  11. The duffle is just sample but very classic. It is worth to multiple in my opinion.
  12. I totally get the duffle addiction. I just got my Violet and am already thinking about getting one in Black Cherry. I don't have any multiples so this would be my first. I think it's the overall look, functionality and variety of colors that justifies having multiples.
  13. I think it's just a great comfortable bag and the perfect size. I usually just buy black bags and never multiples but took a chance with the emerald duffle and I adore it! So much so, that when I saw the array of colors it came in I had to order the violet too. If I could get 1 in every color I would!
  14. I understand how you feel. When you find a bag that you love I say buy them or you will regret not getting them.
  15. What color is the black cherry? Does anyone have a pic of this one?