I Can't Believe Botkier Did This....

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  1. Alright here is my dilemma....
    I recently purchased a Cognac Clyde bag about 4 days ago. I was soooo excited to receive it until.......I went on the Botkier website and they had posted even more colors of the clyde as well a a new style handbag..the stirrup! I CAN'T believe they did that..:sad2: As all of you ladies know, Botkier's policy was No Refunds and Final Sale on Sale Items! I would have definitely bought the Dull Gold Clyde or the Metallic Pearl Stirrup than the Cognac clyde that i have coming..GRRRRRR:evil:
    Mannn...I am pretty PO'd right now..I just needed to vent that's all...............I feel a little better now but I really would have appreciated it if Botkier did not add new colors and styles just like that .....hope i like the cognac color ALOT.:smile:
    Well on a side note, if any of you ladies wanted to buy a Stirrup in Metallic Pearl or Clyde in other colors than the ones they had a few days ago..Check out the botkier website because they are half off. Please buy it so it will sell out and I won't feel sooo bad about not having it.:wacko:
  2. if you haven't received it yet you can refuse shipment when it arrives and it will go back to them. then you can get what you want.
  3. Refuse? like not signing for the package or something else?
  4. aww, I saw the stirrup up there too, but I don't regret ordering the clyde!

    I think the site said you can attempt to cancel an order, but I'm not sure if that applies after it's been shipped.

    :-/ sorry!

    It's still an amazing deal, maybe you should just get both! ;)
  5. Thanks for your concern dani....Have you received your bag yet? I called them today to see if mine shipped yet. They said it will come in 5-7 days. I have tried to look up the actual color of the cognac and it is really nice but I haven't been able to find actual pics of dull gold or bronze or metallic pearl.:cry:
    Geezumm do i sound confused, maybe i'll just stay with what i have, but i just wanted to comment on this issue. I don't think that more colors and style should be posted after the sale has first been posted on a website. I like to look at ALL my OPTIONS BEFORE i purchase. :wacko:
  6. I had my mom place the order on-line for me ( because I was really busy that morning, and I wanted to make sure I got it) SO, she had it shipped to my home address, and she sent it off to my School address. She had them ship ground and it came the next day! ( I believe they ship out of NY, so it was just NY to Boston, which explains the short time.) I'm impatiently awaiting it's arrival in Tampa though!

    I understand how you must be frustrated, since they put up new colors/styles~ buuuuuuut. :smile: You ordered the clyde congac for a reason! It's an adorable bag in a really wearable color, I bet you'll love it when it comes. I was a little surprised to see the stirrup on there ( and I WANT it too!) but I'm still happy with my choice. Good luck, girl--- maybe you should just pretend you never saw the new options!
  7. Thanks Dani! you really helped me out..hope i will love the clyde as much as you do! night!:biggrin:
  8. Oh god! I'm soo surprised they did that. I actually love the clyde but it is far to big for me b/c of my height. I love the stirrup and was hoping it would be on sale but I am afraid it will also be to large on my 5'2" frame. I'm sorry that happened to you.
  9. I actually just got my Holster in Cognac yesterday. It's from all you girls' infuence that I felt I had to have a Botkier! :biggrin: Anyway, I don't have big bags like the Holster and I want something to hold my small laptop so I chose the Holster. The color is different from what I thought from looking at the pictures on other websites so I was a "little" disappointed at first but I used the bag right away and it's already growing on me. It is a very wearable color and it is a bargain. I hope you like your clyde.
  10. Mic please post a pic! i would really appreciate it!:nuts: :nuts:
  11. I tried to get the best shot. Hope this helps.

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  12. Thanks mic. I actually really like this color! On the botkier website, the color example was ssoooo dark but I took my chances. Now I am glad i did because it is a really neutral color.:biggrin:
  13. I'm happy you like it. Enjoy your bag!
  14. How do you know if a Botkier is truly authentic? I noticed that the new 2006 Spring Trigger Turbo style is selling on eBay for a little above half price? Do you think it's legit? They regularly sell for almost $600 and on eBay some are going for $389 or so! Any advice or info? Do you think they are truly 100% authentic?!!?
  15. the cognac is a beautiful colour! and i think you'll like it better than if you had gotten the pearl or the gold.

    let us know the final verdict when it arrives