I can't beliee I did this and now I'm sorry.

  1. I cannot believe that I had an opportunity to obtain a Silver Miroir Lockit and turned it down:tdown:.:sad: Now, I am so soorry that I turned down this amazing opportunity and I want the Silver really bad now.:crybaby: Do you think it is still possible to get one?
  2. How did that happen?
  3. Can you call the 1800# and see if they can locate one for you? I'd give it a shot while it still seems like its possible. :yes:

  4. I thought I was fine in just having the GOld one but apparently I'm not. When the silver arrived they called me to picked it up and it was even charged to my credit card. I told them that I already have a GOld one and that I will not be taking the silver one home. BIG MISTAKE! NOw, I keep dreaming about this bag.
  5. Can 1800 and talk to them about it.
  6. I think you can still get it I read that a lot of people are getting them just put your self on the wait list again.
  7. I guess I will have to start calling the 1-800. Please let me know if you see one.
  8. I remember you getting two! I personally am starting to prefer the gold now but if you must have both then I would call around. Some stores probably got more than others or the clientele wasn't as knowledgeable about them.
  9. I feel your pain...I did the same thing and think I'll end up regreting it. I bet if you call around you can still find one...I hope.
  10. Call 866 and see if they can find you one, good luck!
  11. Aw Good luck in finding one!
  12. I would call your SA directly and explain the situation to them, honesty works wonders sometimes! Good luck and keep us posted!
  13. I had a chance to get one too on launch day and decided against it. They were sold out in 2 days.

    I think you might be able to locate one somewhere.
  14. Well, good luck!
  15. Awww....I hope you find your silver Lockit. I know what you mean though about thinking that the gold would be enough. I thought the same thing when I got my gold, but when I played with the idea of cancelling my silver, I couldn't go through with it!

    Good luck --- I really hope you can find one!