I can't beleive there's a knock-off of this

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  1. Just when I thought that some designer names had escaped being knocked off i find this website.
    I happen to come on it from reading another thread. They are actually making knock-offs of my beloved designer Isabella Fior!!!!

    I'm so mad. I didnt think that Fiore was popular enough for the knock-offs to surface. The only good thing I can say about the website is that they call it designer inspired . Atleast they're not trying to pass it off as the real thing.

    Still mad though. :sad: Oh well . Nothing i can do but carry mine and be glad that I have the real thing.

    Take a look and see if you can tell the difference. I can

  2. There are knockoffs of EVERYTHING now. I just have come to expect it!
  3. Um yes... I don't want to point fingers at people who carry knock-offs, but why not just buy a less expensive brand? Why not just buy a bag that isn't desperately trying to look exactly like another style and just try something in your price range...
  4. It was inevitable.
  5. I TOTALLY agree with that!!! When I first got out of school, I can't afford an expensive purse. So I made do with no brand but good quality and style purse. I always think it's your style and your taste that make you look good not your purse. :biggrin:
  6. ^^ Exactly my point! I would much rather buy a bag that is well-made from not as big of a designer than to buy a knock-off just to 'fit-in'
  7. Too bad but you're right. Just a matter of time before one of those makes its way on Ebay. :suspiciou
  8. There's knock-offs everywhere. I'm really not surprised...