I can't beat this flu =*o( This has been an awful couple of weeks....

  1. I am sorry I just need to vent. I have had a terrible flu now for the last couple of weeks that I can't seem to shake no matter what I do.:sad: I have gotten no sleep because I can't lay down. When I do my nose is extremly stuffed up and I just can't get comfortable.

    I basically have been "trying" to sleep sitting up because that's the only way it's slightly comfortable. Im on a heart medication so I can't take any Decongestant meds. I am going crazy!!

    To top it all off my dog has been limping really bad so I had to go out in the pouring rain to take her to the vet and had to sit there for TWO hours. They had to do xrays and it took forever. She is ok but on bed rest with her mommy.

    Im sorry this is so long I just needed to get it out.
  2. Boil ginger roots and cinnamon sticks together and drink the hot tea with little honey. It works wonders on stuffy nose abd chest congestion. I hope you'll feel better soon.
  3. Oh, I do hope you get better. My youngest son and husband had some sort of bug last week. They are much better now.
    I'd suggest drinking tons of fluids. The ginger tea suggested above works. I'd also suggest drinking lemon juice (fresh) in hot water with honey to taste.
    I also swear by Vics Vapor Rud. I rub this all over my boys when they have any congestion...over their chest, back, neck and a little smear under their noses. I cover them up tightly at night and this works wonders.

    Also, chicken broth is good for you right now.....especially if you don't feel like eating.
  4. OMG I have been sick for WEEKS now too. I have never been sick this long! Definately something going around. My Dr. said I have bronchitis, sinusitus and strep! UGH MY littlest has it too. I was stupid though because when I got antibiotics I only took them until I felt better and not the full prescription ( I know I was dumb) and now I am sick again!

    I hope you get better soon! :flowers: :flowers:
  5. Thank you everyone. I will deff be trying your suggestions.