I can't be the only one....

  1. who is sick and tired of looking at bags on eBay that are listed as "new with tags", but then when you READ the listing the seller says used once or twice or handful of times.

    To all sellers.........if you used a bag just ONE time it is NOT new with tags!!

    Also, I don't know about anyone else, but if a seller says used once or twice....that usually means at least a dozen times. Welt, maybe that's an exageration, but jeez.........

    Sorry for my rant....but I have bought a handful of bags on eBay that were used more than was said. It's really irritating.:hysteric:

    I know there are plenty of sellers on eBay with integrity, but these few that don't just ruin it. I've decided I will not be as accepting the next time this happens to me.

    So.....am I the only one?:smile:
  2. When this has happened to me, I sent it back! I will buy a bag on eBay when it is a past style that I am unable to get new. I don't want used, not once or 100 times, I want NEW if you say NEW. I have opened disputes and returned 'used' NWT's bag.

    I am totally in agreement with you. BTW, when I sell, I always disclose true condition and take very detailed pictures, with closeups. I sleep well at night, lol!
    Sorry, that has happened to you, but stick toyour guns and return, that will get the message through.
  3. The few I sell are NWT and I am sure to include the attached tag in the picture.

    But I agree with you, if the tags have been removed and it was used once, it is USED. I think you could get away with as new, like new, but not new with tags.
  4. I totally agree. It infuriates me when some one says it's New when it's been used once, twice. NEW is new, not used and looks new.
  5. So they use the bags with the tags still attached? Don't the tags flap around in a visible way?

    I agree with you, if someone says they used it once or twice, it is probably more times than that.
  6. I agree. New with tags means never carried! I have bought a couple of "new" bags that obviously were not. One I sent back. One I kept cause i wanted the bag so much, but it still made me mad they would say that!!!!
  7. Thanks ladies for letting me know I'm not alone in this.

    Jayne.....Specifically I am speaking about Balenciaga bags and yes it is very common for people to leave the tags attached. Balenciaga attaches the tag to the inside pocket so it's easy to do. BUT a brand new one can be bought at a dept store in which they don't attach tags....they're just loose in the inside pocket.

    4theluvof-it.....Yes, if a seller uses a bag one time, it should be described as like new or almost new, I agree.
  8. Some designers don't attach the tags to the bag. For example if you buy Prada from Prada or the Prada outlet does not attach the tags to the bag. The tag is in the envelope with the authenticity card. However, this is not an excuse for someone using the bag and then claiming it as being new. I wish people would just be honest in their listings too. I just sold a few bags for a co-worker and one of them was a Gucci that she had used quite a bit. I stated that it was in fair condition in my listing and took detailed pictures of any of the flaws.
  9. Thank you.:woohoo:

    Oh ya...and what is the famous response from the seller when you address the issue.......buyers remorse......

    NOoooooo! I really get tired of sellers claiming buyers remorse immediately, I read it in threads here too alot. I mean you know that is coming because what else would they say?...."oh yes, I sold you a bag not as described, I did"....:bagslap:

    It's just ridiculous......I sure have learned how it works over the last year or so.:rolleyes:
  10. hi skigirl... I just posted I am mostly referring to Balenciaga bags and you're right the tags are not always attached. Balenciaga bags are unique, brand new is brand new, but I along with many others can tell when a bag has been used, especially more than once or twice....biggest tell are the handles.

    There are many other things that fall into the "not as described" category.......but this in particular lately is driving me nuts.:nuts: I click on the auction, see the condition "new w/tags" then I scroll down and start reading and more often than not it will say used once or twice......
  11. I was just thinking this exact thing earlier today. I had the very same experience with 3 or 4 auctions in a row. I was grumbling to myself pretty much what you've posted. If you've carried it, even "just a time or two" it's not new. Would you want to use my new hanky I only used once or twice? ;)

  12. Couldn't agree more!!! :yes:

    Same here. :tdown:

    The worst thing is that, as it happens sooooo frequently (far more often than not, in my experience), I now just assume that the 'excellent condition' and NWT descriptions of all bags on eBay are greatly exaggerated, now (and value the bags accordingly); which is, obviously, totally unfair on the few sellers who don't lie.

  13. In the case of Chloe, NWT generally means complete with round hangtag (not usually with storetag/NAP tag etc. attached), which is either just looped onto the bag with its string, or, more likely, tucked into the inside pocket; either way, it can easily be removed, the bag used and then reattached. :yes:

    I think this sort of thing is the case with many high end bags.
  14. There was a discontinued LV purse i really wanted a while ago and it stated it was NWT. The auction describes it being used once or twice, then gets worse... scroll further down i see the pics. Oh what do you know, the handles have patina'd to a warm caramel colour. Seriously who are they trying to fool.

  15. ITA agree - New should mean new - never carried!!!!!