i cant be the only one with this problem right?


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Sep 16, 2006
Calgary/Edmonton, Canada
sorry this is long..

I've only had my first LV bad for a few months and I'm already obsessing, and I mean OBSESSING about getting another one. It's kind of like an addiction actually. The problem is, It might sound silly, but I am soo attached to my bag right now because it is my first and my husband gave this to me. So I'm thinking, I dont really have to get another bag (for now anyways) since this one is still pretty new. So I thought, why not get a wallet instead. But I cant justify spending that much on a wallet if I could just add a couple hundred or so and buy a new bag. Then I thought about buying an agenda since I LOOOVVVEEE agendas and I'd be using it all the time. But (again) I feel bad spending that much since my agenda right now I only spent $25.00 on it and it's really, really cute. Then I thought about buying a "smaller" purchase just to tide me over till the next big purchase like a cles OR a credit card holder but I kinda need to get both of them so that's already $400.00 right there. then might as well add a hundred or so and I'll have my wallet. AAAARRRRGGGGHHH:hysteric:So y'all might be asking what my problem is:P I WANT ANOTHER LV:yes: But I dont know which one is worth getting... Everyday, I decide on something then by the end of the night, I'd change my mind again. We can afford it but it's not like we're rolling in dough either, if you know what I mean. Please help. I cant be the only one with this problem right? I'm not going crazy???

TIA for all the help!


Jun 8, 2006
Great White North
I'd suggest going to your local Holts to play around and see what catches your eye! It might make things easier for you to decide once you see things IRL. Have fun shopping!!


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Oct 30, 2006
Houston, TX
welcome to the club (of LV addicts!) :yahoo:

hey, if you get the cles, you don't need to get the credit card holder. the cles may look small but it holds a lot. :yes:


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Apr 18, 2006
Yes, welcome to our world!!! It's crazy, everytime I get a new bag I just end up wanting another one. Then I even sell some bags to fund buying other ones. I am always thinking about what bag I can get next and what bag is going to be that be all, end all, bag for me!!! I drive myself nuts sometimes. I have accepted that I am addicted to handbags and just live with it now.


Aug 20, 2006
Boston area
Me too! I already have one monogram wallet and I'd love to get a multi color one or Koala damier one but then I always think, for just a little more I can have another bag! But I want a new wallet too!? That's my dilemma right now. I'm not into small accessories, like the cles and the inclusion jewelry, etc. Just bags, wallets and agenda's mainly and I go back and forth on all of them. I drive myself crazy on what to get next!!


Oh. Gee.
Feb 12, 2006
you are preaching to the choir! I swear LV coats all their bags with Opium or something to keep us coming back for more....


Aug 16, 2006
Sounds so familar.....I went through that with my 1st LVs...

I think that you should take your time and fiquere it out slowly......we will be right here to help if we can!!!!!:yes:

And you are not alone....when I got my first 2 LVs...I thought that it would do me for quite a while....I was wrong.....but I had to set a limit and am keeping to it....so far.....:P


Jan 9, 2006
Toronto, Canada
you can get a small bag like a pochette or maybe something that's more versatile that can be used both as a wallet and bag? what about a wapity? or the new multicolore pochette mm?