I CANNOT WAIT TO GO HOME! Gucci's waiting!

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  1. DH just called and asked if I bought him a present... I said no but he said I have a package! It's gotta be my Gucci Small Gucci Pelham in White. I can't wait!

    2 days ago, I returned the BBOS bag that I borrowed, the Gucci Medium Pelham in White. I thought it was just a touch too big so I was excited to see that Gucci had come out with a smaller version. I had seen the small a few weeks ago at the new Atlantic City Gucci store. I should've got it back then because when I went back last week all the canvas small pelham bags were gone! Just leather left.

    So Wednesday night, I called Peter, my SA at Gucci 5th AVE. NYC and he said he had them in stock and would ship it out Thursday.. I didn't think I would get it today! I hope it's the bag! I would die if it was something else...

    The work day is soo long! I can't wait to go home.. Here's a pic of the small from the website and a pic of me with the bbos bag that was too big..
  2. Of course when I get home, I'll let you all know if I really did get it and post pics!
  3. Fantastic!! Congratulations! The white will be so pretty too. I know what you mean about the regular size Pelham, it is very large. I returned mine also due to that same reason. I'm anxious to see a pic of the smaller version!
  4. oooh Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  5. Congrats! Show us pics? Can you take one of you wearing it?
  6. oooohhhhhh! that's exciting!!! fingers crossed that it's the pelham!!! definitely post pics!!! i'd love to see the difference in size... :yes:

    the white version is my favourite btw...good choice melanie!! :tender:

    oh, and i have a package waiting for me at home too!! but this one's not a gucci bag...it's a bcbg dress!! :yahoo:
    bcbg dress.jpg
  7. ^^ pretty dress, love the black+white!!

    melanie - ahh how exciting!! I bet your just counting down the hours (as I would be too). Can't wait till you get home!!
  8. Thanks girls! I hope to be posting pics in about an hour.. DH is home though..He thinks it's so funny when I take pics in the mirror.. He's almost annoyed! He liked it better when I would do the self timer thing! LOL! But I hate running back and forth from the camera.

    Golden ~ yes, If I'm spending that much on a bag, I'd want a bag that I'm totally happy about looks wise and functionality. I think I could've lived with the larger look if it was a lot cheaper.

    Shar - that dress is fabulous! Any special occasion? When are you going to get your Gucci Hobo?!?! I'm dying for your friend to bring it to you :smile:

    mello - You bet I am counting down the minutes until I leave work!
  9. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see it, I love the white pelham combo.
  10. She's here! :yahoo:and I'm in love :heart:! DH even likes this bag.. on a side note, he doesn't like my white / black Chanel cambon pochette and doesn't like my Gucci Horsebit clutch! I explained to him that both are discontinued (I think?) He just shrugged and said, "But what do I know.." But he does like this one. In the first pic, I have the Medium Gucci Pelham and the right side is the Small Gucci Pelham so you can see the size difference. This small is not so small! It's got plenty of room. They should've named the small a Medium and the Medium a Large.

  11. nicer than the large size yet, still looks quite big...love it...congrats!!!
  12. NICE! LOL..we live pretty close to each other..If I see that bag..I will know its you!!LOL!SO CUTE! congrats!
  13. Looks like a perfect fit! congratulations!
  14. Congrats mel. Very cute bag and loving it!
  15. That is an amazing bag and looks great on you! Congrats! :smile: