I cannot wait for Christmas

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  1. just so I can see the Mulberry Christmas window display on Bond St :o

    and receive my Christmas card from my local Mulberry girls (nothing quite like a Christmas card ending 'Love Mulberry') :P
  2. my birthday is in December and so I plan to treat myself to pretty things! hehe.
    I have already got my bday gift though but she is hidden away.
  3. I cannot wait for Christmas - because I love Christmas! We have such a lovely family time including a Swedish Jul in London.

    (nothing Mulberry for me though, jewellery this year)
  4. even after 9 years in this country I am not accustomed to a cold dark Christmas :sad: Most of my family will be in the Caribbean so you are very lucky to have yours in one place.
    I am looking forward to my gifts from DH though. :graucho:
  5. I just can't imagine a warm Christmas!
  6. that is the same thing hubby says. born and bred Englishman. We have already started fighting over the thermostat. I want 32 C (I know ridiculous but I could at least be warm in my own house) and he thinks 18 is balmy.
    Sigh :sad:

  7. Sounds fab lorienme. Will you be expecting any thing nice from Santa?
    Went a bit overboard with my birthday. The Family did surprise me a bit though ahh bless them;)I will be joining in with you guys as i have mine own Eid which i dont really celebrate either as i should + Xmas( as it can prove very expensive for me :giggles:smile: but have got myself a choc Ledbury to join in with you guys and two more non bag purchases and may be a third. So i definitely feeling the love. Any excuse really for me to buy a bag or something else. Even if it is from to me.:lol:
    My fav dinner is roast potatoes roast chicken, veg's, stuffing and gravy could eat it everyday.
    Happy Xmas to you all when it finally comes and maybe some fab reveals from some of you and i hope you get the Mulberry's you always dreamed of.:smile:
  8. :lol::lol::lol:
  9. hehehe!
  10. I was born in New Zealand and when we moved to England I was mortified by the snow, cold and ice!! Although I must say I do love a nice frosty/snowy Christmas time (but I'd much rather be on the beach having a BBQ!)

    So looking forward to Xmas this year :smile:
  11. I love Christmas. Definitely my favourite time of year and the Xmas sales have a little bit to do with that!
  12. Nice warm Chrissie here in Sydney. Swimming, beach, BBQ. I don't miss the cold in the UK at all!!!
  13. Jealous!!!! Loved Sydney!!:smile:
  14. my OH groans when that card arrives - yet he has more mulberry than most women!!!
  15. And.... This Christmas is going to be that extra bit special for you Laura :heart::smooch::xtree::snowballs::rockettes: