I cannot tie this "beautiful new pocket square" help, help!!

  1. HI ladies,

    Well, okay, I am trying to tie this pocket square around the hardware of my bag and I cannot do it. Now, I do not have a creative bone in my body and am not crafty at all.

    Can some one please, please, give me a way or two to tie this thing, and please say it like I'm 2 years old, cause I seriously don't get this. Thanks ladies......:flowers: :flowers:
  2. Hello Traci, you are more creative than you might think. Fold the pochette on the diagonal and tie a simple knot around the base of the handles of your bag. Voila! That's how I usually like to do it. It might take practice to get it right but trust me, it's a lot easier than you might think. I can PM pictures of pochettes tied around my bags, if you want.

    On your next trip to Hermes, ask your SA to demonstrate scarf-tying. For the most part they'll be more than happy to show you! If you can also get that little orange scarf-tying book, look there, too. It has easy-to-follow diagrams. I wish I can scan pictures for you but my scanner is broken.

    Just to get you started, lay your pochette flat. Take one corner and fold until you touch that corner to the center of the scarf. Do the same w/ the opposite corner. The pochette should now look like a rectangle w/ pointed ends. Fold each side again until they meet. Your rectangle should look thinner. Fold each side another time until you have a narrow strip w/ pointed ends. Now you can tie around your bag! Ugh, I wish I had pictures to demonstrate each step. Let me know how it goes.

  3. I also fold the points two opposite ends at the center, then roll until the edges meet, then tie the rolled pochette around the handle base like OT said. :smile:
  4. Thanks, guys, I had this beautiful scarf all bunched up and tied in two knots around the handle and oh my, it was awful!!

    I tried it both of your ways and now it looks much better. I will definatly try to get that scarf tying book!!

    Thanks again!!
  5. I also fold the way GT explained then hold the rolled pocket square with the two pointed ends together next to your handle then take the two points around the handle and slip through the "hole" at the top of the scarf. this makes a neat knot. I can take pics later if you would like. :flowers:

  6. Ooo. This sound great too!!! A pic would be awesome, thanks!!
  7. Traci, my DH is rushing me to get ready to go to walmart and get a BBQ so I will take some this afternoon! :flowers:
  8. Here are the pics! :flowers:
    th_DSCN0799.jpg th_DSCN0800.jpg th_DSCN0801.jpg th_DSCN0802.jpg
  9. ^^ Ooooo. Pretty!! Thank you so much for posting this, I am going to try it right now!! I am so awful at these things!! Thanks again!!
  10. crochet, that is a great demo! It took me forever to learn that technique for tying a regular winter scarf like that...I knew it had to be simple but could NOT for the life of me figure it out! Thanks for helping Traci.....your scarves look so pretty btw also!
  11. No problem, Traci! hth
    Thanks Shoes! I know, it took me forever to figure out how to do it too! :lol:
  12. I love this thread - great pics, H!!!!
  13. Thanks Kristie! :flowers:
  14. I just found this thread! Thanks so much for the pictures, crochetbella! It was most helpful, I had the same problem that tr444 had, all bunched up at the knot! :tender: