i cannot stop until i have this bag:


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005

it's marc jacobs and i ADORE it.


at 13x8.5x2.5, it's actually a lot bigger than it looks, which is good. you can see a pic of it on a mannequin in the link.

I MUST HAVE IT!!! it's also beautiful in brown, but i cannot allow myself another brown bag. since this is pure white, i can wear it with other white (i wear a lot of pure white in summer which is why i didn't want an ivory or cream bag), and i can absolutely not wait until summer to wear it!

well, first, i suppose i actually have to buy it...
I didn't like that bag at ALL until I saw it in person. It's really really cute and looks great in the white. Also, I was surprised that it was bigger than it looks in person. Great bag!
this may just have to be my white summer bag, girls! i love the chain detail, but the silver on this is much more in tune with what i usually wear than the gold on the stam.
I've been eyeing it as well, but I thought that it was too small until you pointed out how it looked on the manequin. Darn you...now I really want it! ;)

I like the bigger one too but the shape is so similar to the speedy, and I already have 2 of those, so it seems silly to get another bag that is so similar.