I Cannot Stop Myself From Eating Sweets!

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  1. Hi girls:love: !

    I just wanted to know if this has hapened to anyone of you!

    To be honest..I was never thin. I was always a US size 6 on top and US 10 at the bottom. One thing I always loved eating was sweets!But I would eat one chocolate...maybe 2 ;) !Now I cannot stop:wtf: ! No matter how many I eat I want more:crybaby: :crybaby: ! In addition I want also to eat pizzas that is sth I normally eat once a year because I do not like it! I have started to be puting on weight and MY WEDDING IS IN MAY:crybaby: :crybaby: !

    Please help me to stop...I am reaching desperation!

  2. I'm the last person to help another woman with eating issues, but I will tell you what helped me last year (and I stopped following what I learned:crybaby: ). I also love sweets and would keep eating them, even when I wasn't hungry anymore. I had to stop completely with the sweets and white bread (which turns to sugar in your body). If I had a little, it made me want more. If I didn't have any, after awhile I didn't think about it. Keep sweets out of your house, where you work, etc. so you're not tempted. Some people say a piece of sugar-free hard candy helps to satisfy the desire for sweets. It hasn't worked for me, though.

    Good luck and congratulations on your wedding! Maybe stress about all the wedding details is bothering you and you are eating to calm down?
  3. I have a chocolate Jones big time, so I feel your pain. I've learned two things about chocolate: eat only dark, rich expensive chocolates because (for me anyway) they are SO rich it's hard to eat more than one or two without turning green! And the second thing takes care of itself by virtue of the first: allow yourself one or two small RICH pieces of chocolate a day. Total deprivation has never worked for me and only makes me resentful. So I go for Godiva, Lindt, or Ghirardelli chocolates and only the dark versions. The plus to dark chocolates is that they not only have less sugar (so fewer carbs), but they also have the anti-oxidant properties that are good for you (IN MODERATION!).

    I can't help you on your pizza problem. Two slices a month is about all I care to eat. DH, on the other hand, could eat two pizzas a day. :wtf:
  4. I agree... once you start eating sweets it's very very hard to stop. Throw it all out and buy lots of fruit instead!
    I have no advice about the pizza though, but maybe it really is the stress from the wedding preparations. Are you doing moderate exercise to relieve stress?
  5. i have the same problem.
    my mil is a nurse and she recommended i take glucose tolerance tablets. they have them at vitamin shops. they helped me tremondously! as a matter of fact i better go get some now!

    they help balance your blood sugar so you stop craving...they are used alot by diabetics to help them to stop eating or craving sweets
  6. this is exactly what happens to me. i guess some people are more sensitive than others to sugar. i can't even eat one slice of white bread..it'll just send my appetite into overdrive
  7. If you are a chocolate lover- try a piece of really good dark chocolate. The point is, overdoing it is not good- but you should not completely deprive yourself either! You can munch on a little bit of dark chocolate which is great or you. Try to go for fruit if you crave sugar. It just takes teaching your body that you do not need the usual sweets to be satisfied
  8. ^ That's very sage advice.
    I used to eat lots of sweets during the first two years of college, but now I have massively cut back on them. The only time I crave them is when I shop at the supermarket. Being strong and resisting that sweet temptation is very hard.
  9. Thanx girls for the advice. I shall try a bit of everything you reccomended even though I do admit I hate dark chocolate( maybe because it is healthy)!
  10. Stick to 60-70% cocoa and you may find you like it. I bought an 85% cocoa bar once and as much as *I* love dark chocolate, it was soooooo bitter!

    Actually, you might want to try the Dove dark chocolates. They aren't quite as strong as the high end dark chocolate. It's a good way to get acclimated to the darker chocolate without the eye-crossing that can come with the higher percent, high end chocolate.
  11. I have the same problem!
  12. I am very drawn to sweets as well--whenever I am craving them, I go to this little frozen yogurt shop by my house and get a cup...it is soooo low calorie and tastes really good!!
  13. Which kind do you use? i could really use these.
  14. I dont know how many of you work in offices flooded with christmas gift baskets, but enough is enough. I have been eating sweets all day now for almost two weeks. I am ALMOST sick of chocolate. Not quite but close.
  15. I am the same way. I try to chew sugarless gum or mints whenever i can. It curbs my cravings and really works.