i cannot purchase anything else.

  1. In the last 24 hrs... pirata ciao ciao storm hoodie and... and original denaro. sunday: bambinone and a caramella. maybe another caramella today. AHH. This is so pathetic!
  2. O__o oh wow -- now that is toki addiction at its finest lmfao.

    *cough* original bella? LMFAO.
  3. i know! i suck. i never shop so i'm making up for lost time. and i know within 4 months i won't have my comfy income anymore!
  4. at least in your life you've been comfy - i'm a living paycheck to paycheck girl.
  5. aw, i'll be back to that come September. That's the hardest part of going back to school versus working!
  6. ack! you are the one who bought that denaro!!! I went to lunch bc the girl hadn't emailed me back and it was sold already!!!!
  7. aw, i'm sorry! she said no one had replied!
  8. yeah, I was the one who posted first about it. but she didn't email for like 10 min so I was like, oh, forget it, I'm going ot get lunch. I come back an hour later and I guess you had got it. oh well. I guess I think of it this way - you saved me the $$!!! glad it is someone else who wanted it that bad !! hehe.