I CANNOT find my modeling pic of burnt orange satchel, so I took a quickie!

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  1. For size reference...

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  2. :drool: Gosh it's so pretty, I have to have one of these!
  3. That looks great on you!
  4. i am in love with this bag...i am lusting after it soo badly...I do have a 150 gc and just got the PCE so maybe i will get it...the good thing about leather is that it doesnt really go out of style!
  5. looks great on you
  6. That looks so pretty on you, Donna. Thanks for posting!
  7. Everytime I see this color bag it makes me want to "Disobey" :graucho: my husband and get one... sigh maybe for x-mas... great bag on and again fabulous color!
  8. Gorgeous bag and colour!
  9. Such a pretty color! It looks great on you!
  10. That looks gorgeous on you.

    This is a bit of a random question, but I keep wanting to ask it every time you post a modeling picture. Is that a Tiffany charm bracelet you wear?
  11. Beautiful, Donnalynn! I think this may have to be my next bag--I LOVE the pleats!
  12. The burnt orange is so beautiful... she looks great on you :tup:
  13. It looks great on you!

    I had put mine down outside today while I got my mail, and saw the color in full sunlight, and it was so gorgeous!
  14. wow that color is tdf, great for the fall. and fyi i went to howell tjm they had 0 the first time, then i went back tonight and all i saw was 3 coach bags. holiday patchwork tote @ $299 (no big bargain) and 2 large bleeker hobo things @169 ( again nothing special)
  15. thanks donnalynn, it's gorgeous on you. I must have this color. How heavy is it when fully stuffed?