I cannot decide???

  1. I prefer the Monogrammed Velvet Purse (bleu).

    I like the shape better.
  2. ^ I agree..although I had to look at both of them quite a few times..they are both lovely!!
  3. Yes I know and thats my problem. I can't decide
  4. They are both beautiful, but you could not PAY me to carry a velvet bag! Suede is bad enough, but velvet? Maybe for a small evening clutch, but not a daily use bag.
  5. I love the second bag! :heart:
  6. I'm the oddball--I prefer the first one! It looks very elegant.
  7. the FIRST bag
  8. I prefer the first one...Ruched Velvet Pochette (bleu)

    A classic shape that will last longer IMO.
  9. I think I like the 2nd one better... I love the little coffer-like locking mechanism. It's just so unique. The other bag is pretty, but the 2nd is so unique you will love it forever. Just my opinion!
  10. 2nd bag