I cannot decide on which Lindy to get. Please Help!?

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Which should i buy?

  1. Yummy Ardoise!

  2. Chic Black!

  3. Neither! Buy a Kelly pls..

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  1. Ive finally decided i need a Lindy after i seen a lady carrying hers on sunday. I cant get it out of my head. :love: Ive narrowed down to this 2. Please help me choose.

    30 Swift Ardoise (dark Grey)
    35 Black Clemence
  2. Adroise - an unusual (an hermes exclusive color? since I have not seen this color in other brands) yet low maintenance color like black.
  3. I vote for Ardoise too....:heart: Also, I like the 30 better....:yes:
  4. I prefer the 30cm and I think ardoise is more interesting than black. Swift is lighter than clemence and I think perfectly squishy for this bag.
  5. Ardoise swift - less bulk.
    Can always have clemence in other bags....
    Swift for lindy is PERRRRRRRfect!!!
  6. Swift Ardoise :love:
  7. Swift Ardoise. :heart: Because the bag is designed to slouch - i think a smoother and lighter leather will work better.
  8. Oops. Double post >_< Sorry
  9. I prefer Swift, not a fan of Clemence. The former lends a touch of class to the casualness of the bag. Ardoise is a unique colour, black is boring.
  10. I like the ardoise one better!:tup:
  11. 35 Black Clemence is divine!
  12. 35 Black Clemence is divine!
  13. I have a swift ardoise in a Massai. GET THE SWIFT ARDOISE!!! Much cooler color than black,and just as versatile!
  14. just saw a swift ardoise lindy at NYC Hermes--TDF!
  15. Did you try on the sizes? That would help you make up your mind immediately. There is a huge difference on how they look on the body. They are both lovely although I vote for the 30 swift ardoise.