I cannot choose ! 2.55 Reissue black or metallic pink ?

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  1. I went to chanel to buy a black reissue with silver hardware (226) and they show me a metallic pink (same size, same hardware) and now i do not what to do.

    Black one seems more practical but i have two black bags ... on the other hand i am not sure about how to match the pink one with my clothes ..

    What would you buy ?? Thanks for your help, i cannot stop to think and change my mind all day long :smile:
  2. Since you have 2 black bags already, go for the pink metallic. It looks great with black ensemble. But on the other hand, if you don't have a black reissue already, you should consider it. You can never go wrong with black. Are you referring to the 09 black reissue, metallic black reissue, or matte black reissue. If it's the matte black, definitely go for it.....as it's very pretty. And on another hand, why not both -- black reissue and pink metallic?
  3. Black reissue is matte.
    This is what i was trying to avoid ... buy both of them !:love:
  4. i have them both & i adore them both :heart: *Sophie* is right, it's such a versatile pink :yes:

    as the black is a staple you must start with the pink before it sells out! :sweatdrop:

  5. I absolutely love the metallic pink!
  6. Both are beautiful! Good luck whatever you decide!
  7. Black
  8. both is nice. if you have black bag, then go for the pink!
  9. If you have already 2 blacks I would get the pink. You can always get the black one later but the pink will only be available this season.
  10. I am in love with the matte black reissue leather. I'm normally not a fan of metallics, but the metallic pink is such a unique, complex, beautiful color. If you love metallic bags and if you feel that you can match the pink to a significant portion of your wardrobe, then go for the metallic pink. Or else, just go for the tried and true black reissue.
  11. Metallic Pink all the way!!!
  12. What are the other black bags you have? If your other two are Chanel (especially something like a classic) then definitely get the pink. If your black bags are nothing close to a reissue or a classic, then get the black reissue. If you absolutely love the pink, then get the pink since it's limited. Good luck and let us know what you get! :smile:
  13. i love the metallic pink!
  14. since u already hv e black, i wld suggest pink!
  15. i'm a pink gal, so i'll go for the pink. and i've been searching for this metallic pink one in 226 for so long and couldn't find it, so i ended up buying the black one.