I cannot believe this, Monday from Hell!

  1. I had a buyer contact me to buy a bag, I tag all of my stuff for fear of bait and switch, and to prevent any possibility of the tags damaging the bag, I wrapped the tags in bubble wrap. So, the buyer originally bought this bag, decided that the style wasn't for her and then returned the bag, all was fine and I returned her money.

    Okay, skip to a couple of months later, the same buyer then contacts me to ask if the bag is still for sale and says that actually she regretted not buying it and would like to buy it again, she seams plausible and I had no reason to doubt her, so I send off the bag, same tagging procedure, in new condition not a mark etc.

    This morning I get the bag back and she has taken the wrapping off the tags, (possibly fiddled with the tags but can't prove it) and as a result my bag has now been returned with horrible scratch marks, so I am SO upset and then I realise the care card is missing.

    To top it off, I look up her eBay ID and she is selling knock off bags so I'm starting to wonder what she has been up to.

    I have sent her a polite but firm email saying that I would like an explanation. I know more fool me for believing second time 'round she was serious about the bag, but I'm almost in shock as what to do next. Any wise words would be gratefully appreciate right now...

    Thanks ladies x :tdown::tdown:
  2. That is so heinous. I am so sorry. What a crook. How did she pay you the second time around?

    Can you not pay her back unless she returns the care tag and deducts something for damages, plus deducts another 20% as a restocking fee.

    I would be livid and hurt.

    I bet she put the care tag in a fake purse and resells it as authentic.

  3. Hi Fauve- Well l emailed her this morning and will not refund until l hear back from her. Your thoughts are exactly mine - l somehow have the feeling that she may well of photographed my authentic bag and will use those photos to put on eBay not having the bag in her possession for sale. I am going to keep a close eye on her listings in future but do not wish to put anything in writing that she is selling fake bags for fear of reprisals.
  4. Since joining this forum I have learned two things. One is that it is SO easy to get addicted to beautiful handbags when you have so many enablers egging you on ;), and I will never, EVER, sell a bag on eBay. I've read SO many of your horror stories....scams I never would have even thought of, and it's just not worth it. I know there are a lot of great buyers/sellers out there but I just could not take the risk with one of my bags.

    I truly hope you're able to resolve your issue in your favor...as in not having to return a single dime to this scam artist. Hopefully your photos showing a scatch-free bag and your security tag will help a LOT.

    The thing that makes me the most nervous about selling on ebay is that CC companies nearly always seem to side with the buyer and not the seller when it comes to chargebacks. THAT stinks! :tdown:
  5. Seems like a scam. I wouldn't refund unless I got everything back in the condition I send it off in. Your bag is now scratched- you can't sell that again for the same money as if it wasn't. Not to mention you're missing a bunch of things and she has a questionable history. Try to get ebay involved. I'm sorry this happened to you :sad:
  6. Get your money out of Paypal if you haven't yet! If she does a chargeback or paypal claim, they will freeze the money in your account!!!
  7. Gtomad:

    I used to have a ball on eBay, bought and sold with abandon. Never a bad experience until I purchased a fake Bottega Veneta from a professional scammer. After that I never felt comfortable on eBay. I was unable to get my money back as he/she was an international seller and I paid by bank transfer. Who know there were crooks like this out there????

    In the beginning most people were honest. Now eBay has been invaded by scammers and low lives and the designer purse area seems to be one of the hardest hit. At this point in my life, I would rather pay a few hundred dollars more and get the purse I loved retail and have no aggravation, except my credit card bill!!!

    I also would be most cautious about re-selling a designer purse. I never heard of most of the scams until I started reading TPF but now my eyes are wide open. it also makes me purchase retail itmes more wisely as I know I do not wish to resell them and get bamboozled.

    Good luck and remove all your money from your Paypal account at once. Most scammers are really cowards at heart and I bet he/she does as you ask when push comes to shove. It is too bad you cannot list her id here.
  8. People never fail to amaze me anymore. I don't know how so many people with no conscience can live with themselves. I agree with everyone else, get the money out of paypal immediately. Actually, I'd do a bank machine withdrawal, if you have a paypal debit card, as paypal takes several days to complete a transaction to your bank account. I had a buyer BEG me to send an item with first class mail and no insurance to Canada to keep the tariffs low for her and I did it. Guess what? The item "wasn't received". Guess who filed a claim immediately and won? Exactly. And since the transfer of these funds was "en route" to my bank account, paypal just reversed it. Take the money out. Then negotiate. You have the upper hand here since you have the bag and the money.
  9. YES withdraw all yr money IMMEIDATELY... i always keep my paypal $10 balance..:roflmfao:
  10. oh my goodness! That's terrible! But what I don't understand is why are there terrible scratch marks on your bag??? What on earth was that woman doing? If she's a scam artist, I can understand the missing care card and that she'd wanted your bag to take pics. But why would she scratch up your bag? Now that's super malicious behaviour IMO!!

    Did you sign for her parcel? cos if she's going to file a Paypal claim, then she'd need to prove delivery back to you.

    I'm sorry that this has happened to you, but thanks for posting and alerting us to this.