I cannot believe I bought two Ergos and now.....help

  1. Well, oops I did it again, I bought for the PCE, one large camel Ergo, and I could not stand it that I still could use the coupon and ordered a large black one. No I have two hobo's. I loaded my camel one up today and realized I do not even have enough stuff to fill it and it sort of flops half empty . It is a bit heavy, but when I put more in it to fill it for it is so big, it does get heavy, not like legacy, but a bit heavier on my back. Had I known that, I would have gotten the slim flap in signature or the hippie bag in signature. Darn it and one is on DH charge. What to do what to do...buyers remorse...I canot go back to the store and lose the 25%.. and it is really embarrassing. for they are so nice there. Why do I change my mind once I put my stuff in thiings...and have them for a few days? Awful...habit....curses........curses... EEEEEEK
  2. hey girl which ones are you taking about you ordered 2 large ergo toteS?

    o no wait i just re read you got the 2 large hobos

    the hobos are soso much bigger then i would have imagined i just ordred the ergo tote!

    do you think maybe you could return one? for a smaller bag?

    or maaybe *gulp* sell them?
  3. don't feel bad, I am a totally indecisive and it drives DH nuts! He's gotten to the point where he won't buy me anything anymore cuz he knows I'll take it back........even if I picked it out. So he just gives me the money and says "have fun!"

    BTW, I went crazy during this PCE at the reg store and the outlet, so I have stuff to return as well.
  4. Ha ha ha Tracy, tell me what you bought, every single thing and what you are taking back. ...lol... I like your picture in the member square. You look like a model. I cannot figure out how to get mine on that square in that spot. When I try to upload any picture of myself it goes in the post content and rejects it in the profile as being just too big. Back to the obsessions...I really cannot give these back to that store and exchange them. They were too nice and had them in the back. My DH is mad now since I had to have two and used his Visa to buy one. The outlet takes them back but I have 25% which is about $92.00 off purchase price and I hate to lose that...Rats Rats..uncontrolllable buyer..what do I want instead. Do tell us all what you bought and what you had already so I do not feel alone in my GREED. Thanks for telling me I am not alone. lol lol.......
  5. ^ LOL... I am going to make you feel better about purchases TWO, very usable hobo bags... Ready?

    First, they are very usable bags, in great basic colors - so you can dress them up or dress them down. If you have a problem with the size, I would say return them for the next size down. Otherwise, keep them and enjoy them!! :yes: Also, if you have a program like Adobe Photoshop, you can crop the picture and save it as a smaller file size, which usually helps out when I am trying to upload pictures.

    Now you may be asking yourself, "OKay, great. That's all good. But how does make me feel better for buying 2 hobos?"... You ready? Here is how my week has gone.........

    1st PCE purchase (pre-sale): Starla sandals, Ritah sandals, Alicia sunglasses, & Legacy Ponytail Scarf

    - THEN, Alicia sunglasses were not available to order, amount returned to my card...

    - THEN, I got the sandals & didn't like either of them! Returned Starla sandals & Ritah sandals.

    - THEN, 2nd PCE purchase (when I returned sandals), store search for the Alicia sunglasses, and they were found! To be shipped directly from a store. Also, order the Nicola shoes.

    - THEN, 3rd PCE purchase, decided I need some more accessories, so I bought a Optic Wristlet, Perfume Ponytail Scarf, Cute Keyfob, and order the Evalina sandals.....

    That's it. LOL Did you follow that? :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    So see, you are doing great!! ;) Now, next thing on the list: Find a new place to live for when DH finds out I bought all this stuff and tosses me out on my pa-too-tee..........

    PS - Also, my story conveys that you shouldn't feel bad about returning something if you really don't like it... ^ They have to deal with people like me all of the time I'm sure... :graucho: If you don't like one of them, take it back & exchange it for the smaller size before the PCE is over. :yes:
  6. Can you exchange them for the smaller sizes? The medium one? Would that work and make you feel better?
  7. I do not think so TL:heart: because of the relationship with the store. I think they will be upset for i tried it at the store. ...with my stuff in it.
  9. No, gulp gulp cannot return or sell them...the store was too nice. And once I returned too much and that store in another state about 2 years ago, said I could not exchange or return, just buy, but then they were not a store that liked exchanges or returns , not a flagship store so I cannot really blame them at all. It effects their tally for the day. Oh well, we shall see how I feel about it in the morning, as Scarlett O'Hara said...why worry about tomorrow or something like that...
  10. Lynn:

    You just bought those bags. I am sure that the SA will let you return them for the smaller Ergo Hobo. The Coach SA's are so nice I am sure they will try to accomodate you. They don't want you to be unhappy
    with your purchase. Just go to the store and see what can be worked out. I am sure the bag you have is new and you just wore it once. Please take it back so you can get a bag you will love carrying.

    kind regards,
  12. Hi Liz, I did not even wear it once..just around the house today, cause I was under the weather. Then, the black one arrived with something I also liked from Coastal living. called a "sea bag", made from old sails with the original number..proceeds to go to our Olympic team......EEEEK...so I never wore the bag. but it got heavy when I loaded it up and looked soooo big to me. I returned 2 bags in a store once in another state and they were very upset. They told me to try my bags in the store to see if they were too big for me or too heavy and you cannot always tell in the short time in the store. After that, I was not allowed to return or exchange in Mass. These girls here are really nice and I know them very well, but don't forget they only sold me the Ergo's as a special favor for they had them in the store, they are not supposed to do that...really. Oh well, thanks for your support, you always come through....with great advice. I should have gotten the totes. Do you fill your hobo's? Did you get your blue one as yet, the large? Mine are almost empty with a makeup bag, wallet, glasses, sunglasses, tylenol, assorted things that I cannot remember, and then it gets very heavy but still is not full and folds in a bit. Let me know how you find the blue hobo when you get it and fill it with your stuff...Thanks Liz...:heart: .
  13. Lynn - Rainbow 06: I sent you a PM!! :smile:
  14. Lynn:

    I never have any trouble returning stuff. In essence you are not returning but exchanging the bag. One cannot tell how a bag is going to fit until you put all your stuff in it and model the handbag in a mirror. Sometimes I decide that the bag is just not me and return it. I have never had a problem. I am not using my Ergo Hobo in turquoise yet because I am trying to decide if I am going to keep the Hobo or the tote in the truquoise. I also ordered the smaller version of the Maude which is called the Ergo Vintage Small Tote No 11011 for $548. It comes in the Vachetta leather. If I like it alot I will return my turquoise tote and keep the Vachetta one which is kind of a camel one. I am going to go to my Coach Boutique and order the smaller version of the Ergo in White No. 10740 tomorrow as my last item for PCE. For me the large one is perfect. I carry alot of stuff. While I find that the top of it folds over, I do believe that the leather will soften with use and drape over just as it does on page 61 of the catalog. If you are not happy just take the bag back for an exchange. An exchange is not a return it is an exchange.

    Good Luck!
  15. I totally agree Liz, but don't forget I live on the East Coast of Florida. Lots of money here and lots of coach stores. It is indeed an exchange and I buy lost of stuff, but it is a pain to them to do it all of the time with me..they know me so well that they say, Lynn that is too heavy for you and we do not want to see you keep returning stuff. They are none too happy when they see that unless I stay away for a while. You are correct, one must take that bag home and see how it not only looks but feels, heavy or just not right for you..that is why I end up with a closet full of pretty bags I do not use. Or else, I am a collecter and not a user....lol thanks Liz :heart: