I cannot beleive.. I done it.. new YSL bag on the way..

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  1. I havent been looking at YSL for a while since my Double bag purchase last yr.. and I recently ( since yesterday).. very interested on the besace and easy bag... I love to casual looking for the bag without a big YSL logo on it..

    Today, I saw a lovely easy bag in tan color med size on ebay and will be finishing in 22 min. I cannot believe... I just press the bid button and I won it for 710!!!

    So the YSL easy bag is on its way to me!!

    Is it a good buy? sorry ladies i really dont know much about this bag since I only started to notice it yesterday.. and has this bag been recently on sale on YSL store?
  2. YIKES! Please post modeling pics! It's gonna be a gorgeous bag!
  3. it is on its way. i hope I should receive it till end of this week.

    yeah I havent been around for a while.. ran out of $$ to shopping!!

    I am a bit confuse about the size of the easy bag?

    does it comes with small and med?
    or med and large?

    cos the seller said it is med.. and she not aware of there is a small size?
  4. hey just curious, how is ur double bag holding up? do u love it? also which combination did u buy? :smile:
  5. my double bag was a white/ gold. i sold it a while ago cos I found that is not too comfy.. But I am dying for the besace and muse 2. YSL bag is getting more and more expensive these days
  6. I got so confused with the Easy sizing too. The bag actually comes in small, medium and large, but most websites/department stores don't carry the true small (which is tiny), so I've found that they call the medium "small" and the large "medium". The large is quite big - it's luggage-sized and over 15" wide, while the medium is quite a bit smaller but still looks roomy. It's more of a normal handbag size, if that makes any sense. The bag also never photographs true to size because it smooshes down in the middle.
  7. i think everyone is confused about the Easy sizing. i posted a thread asking about it and no one really knew. i don't even think ysl SA's know either. it's probably best just to go by the actual measurement and see if the size works for you rather than going by "large", "med" or "small". anyway Chloe, congrats on your easy bag! i always wanted one but haven't found the right size and color. pls post pics.. would love to see it!