I cancel my Japan trip~

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  1. Just a story to share... I pop by my local store just to get a ring... with my "pinky" birkin. SA asked me where I get Pinky and I mention jap; I casually reveal on my plan to fly again next month just to get another birkin. Then he "casually" mention he had one that I would like in store. Yes I grab it instantly and I should be over the moon but on my way home, Pinky was dirted by my daughter shoes from the rain and mud. I am so devasted since my pinky is a recent purchase. Oh what should i do, there a bit of "grease-like" stain in front. I so sad that I had no mood to open my new box(es)... and yes, trip is cancel.
    Pinky is a birdie... will the stain fade over time or should I call Hermes for SOS?
  2. I would call Hermes quickly!
  3. i'd run, not walk, straight back to H....and let me them look at the mark and fix it!!! and you have your new one to use in the mean time! will u reveal your new one?
  4. Please bring your Birdie back to Hermes ASAP, today if possible!
  5. call hermes and ask for a spa service
  6. I totally agree :yes:!
    Good luck, hope they can fix it for you.
  7. You should absolutely bring the bag back to Hermes to have a craftsman look at it. I'm sure it can be cleaned in Spa but you'll never know until you bring it in. Definitely don't just wait for the stain to magically disappear!
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    i try to upload pic... trying...
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    still trying
  10. Anyone here is the damage... DH say it is so small and hardly noticeable but I think he is trying to console me. I just think maybe I should wait for more damages then maybe send her to spa since Pinky is out only twice...:P

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  11. I'm sorry, but I can clearly see the stain. When any of my bags are stained, big or small, I send them right away to H. But that's just me. :shrugs:
  12. I would also send or take the bag to Hermes immediately.
  13. I am the same way. I want to take care of the issue before it gets any worse or more visible.
  14. You don't want the stain to set in to the skin, either.
  15. although i can't see the stain from the pics you posted, i would take your bag to h and at least let the craftsperson have a look. it would be a shame to wait and then be told that the stain won't come out.