I can use some help picking out some nice juicy couture lounge pants.

  1. Where i live juicy couture is very hard to get so i don't have expereance with the sizing etcetera. I'm looking for black lounge pants in black without or with minimal writing on them and a straight leg or bootcut. I am a size 12 guess that will be xl? There are so many different models and i can't go and see them in the store, i see alot of the velour look but i think that will make me look bigger than i am. I want to go for online shopping but with a company that ships to Europe.

    Please give me some advice :smile:
  2. Are you an american or UK size 12? If you are an american 12 you will be a XL if a UK 12 you will be a M to L.
  3. i am a 42 i think thats an american 12
  4. i think Neiman Marcus ship internationally if you give them a call. im only small but iv got big hips and juicy velours make me look huge,im short also though.
  5. Are their any models made of just cotton?
  6. i love this seller, but as an FYI sometimes she snips the inside tags and doesn't mention it. i don't care about stuff like that, so it's no big deal to me. but yeah, her prices are great! i get most of my stuff for about $25-$30 per piece from her!
  7. I don't think she snips, I think it's already snipped.

    But yeah, you can get plain black fleece pants. I think Saks had some on sale, but the site won't work for me right now.
  8. According to net-a-porter.com's size chart, a Denmark 42 would be an American XL.

    In addition to Net-a-Porter, Revolve Clothing, Bloomingales, Neiman, Saks, and Nordstrom also all offer international shipping. Fleece and french terry pants will probably be your best bet. Thermal and cashmere may also interest you. For summer lounging I would also recommend linen and terry since terry does not have the sheen that velour has.
  9. Thanks! I get a lot of my Juicy already snipped and I get a lot that are not snipped too. And I always state that the tag is cut. :smile:

  10. Go for velour! I love the way it feels. They're the best!
  11. Thanks everyone,

    i tried on some terry's in large that i found i a small store and they were snug, i hope the xl isn't too small aswell
  12. terry runs the smallest of all, imho.

    try buying new ones (not older seasons) as it seems they're running more tts with each batch. back in the day they ran TINY.
  13. Sabine, I'm a euro40 and have just bought L from RevolveClothing. The fit is perfect. I bought some wide leg velour pants and matching top (top is very fitted). Revolve is great - free shipping (if over $100) and there are always discount codes floating around. Just be aware that Dutch customs might charge you approx 20% in fees (I get busted about 1 in 5 times with international ordering).
  14. why do they snip the tag??
    i would be annoyed b/c i would want everything to be perfect including the tag:p

    and are her item 100% authentic???