"I can tell your bag is fake" T-shirt

  1. Haha I love david and goliath tees- so funny :smile:
  2. hahah i love it!
  3. I think its cute and I would def wear it. When we go out, I always pick out fake bags, my husband just shakes his head.
  4. It would be kind of a mind-eff to wear the shirt while carrying a fake bag. And certainly, the price point is affordable for all.

    I wouldn't wear it because it is kind of judgmental. That and I don't wear message tees.
  5. Haha I love it! There use to be a lot of David and Goliath things here but not so much anymore.
  6. That's cute. I remember seeing it somewhere before on here.
  7. These shirts are really cute, however IMHO I think they are a little offensive, there are plenty of shirts out there with offensive messages as well, wheter they are talking about purses or boobs, they are just bad.
  8. I love that shirt!
    I want to get one, but I don't think I would ever wear it.
  9. haha, mine has gotten so bad that HE is picking out the fake bags! :push:
  10. my friend actually bought this shirt for me, (because she knows i love LV) and i wear it!! it s too cute:yes:
  11. judgmental but definitely cute.. lol
  12. I need to wear that shirt. I seen two fake bags today and I didn't really go out and about. I'd like to see peoples reactions to it . LOL
  13. I would LOVE to wear this shirt around some of my co-workers!!! :lol: