I can`t sleep, I can`t eat ( well hardly:) ), HELP!

  1. Hello from a long time lurker on the H subforum, my ladies, i desperately need help and your expert opinion.:sweatdrop:

    Its 6 am and i just had a dream somebody snatched from eBay the bag i am on the fence about..and trust me it was a nightmare :sad:! so i need to decide once and for all if I want it or if I should let it go...help pretty please !

    As much as I`m not convinced about birkins ( except for the croc`s mad beauty, dream on dreamer:heart:) i love the design of kelly - pochette, longue, 28 they all whisper to me seductively all the time. I was also very specific about my dream - palladium hardware, box leather - up until yesterday... there is this most beautiful rose dragee, palladium hardware kelly longue on eBay, but the leather is swift ! :sweatdrop:

    I love the colour and the design so much, I would go and see it myself before i make up my mind, but i cant go to Paris any earlier than January and somebody might snatch it way before that ...but i dont want to regret getting it in wrong leather...

    The thing is I have never seen swift in real before ....its says in the description that the leather is very smooth, finely grained ... but im not a fan of grained leather. My question is - for those of you ladies who have H bags in swift, is it really that finely grained? can you take it for box from far ? Should i go back to sleep and forget all about it or start emailing the seller ? Thank you so much in advance ! :flowers:
  2. Natalia - have a look at HG's leather book in the reference section. There is a close-up swatch of swift/gulliver which might help you.
  3. BTW - I wouldn't panic buy an RD Longue I don't believe it would be too hard to come by another if you are "all around Eurpoe" per your avatar.
  4. I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety and I've been there! But please get some sleep. Nothing is worth that much anxiety :smile:

    Swift and Box are very different leathers. If you are close to an H store, you are bound to find a sample of Swift and probably Box. Compare and see how you feel.

    Swift isn't really grained IMO; you can see some grains but it's not hugely noticeable eye level. Clemence is grained big time. Swift is quite smooth. The effect is soft, muted matte. I really like Swift. It's one of the newer H leather creations, and it's a "practical" leather like Togo/Clemence. I haven't seen Rose in any other leather but Swift lately. Perhaps someone has seen it on other leathers? One thing for sure, all the Rose-colored handbags I've seen lately were Swift.

    Box gets a lot of press about being delicate. It does scratch easily but the patina covers it up over time. I've been relatively careful with mine. Many have reported that H has Box leather shortage or will discontinue the leather indefinitely until suppliers are able to replenish high-quality Box leathers.

    I think H bags in Rose will pop up here and there in the near future. It might end in the future, who knows. That said, if I see a Box handbag I like, I'd go for that instead.
  5. oh dear. well here's a little food for though.

    there's no way that the two can be confused w/ one another because box has a shiny appearance from afar. whereas swift (especially is rose dragee) tends to glow. does that make sense?

    good luck in whatever you decide.

    p.s. swift is finely grained.
  6. I did hun...didnt help much :sweatdrop: but thanks for the answer! Im in Copenhagen atm will try and get to Hermes today and hope for nice SAs and swift leather available to check out, anyone knows if the store in Copenhagen has a good choice of bags? thanks again!
  7. im not sure about your metaphore but i definitely like it ! I guess I NEED to go and visit the store, no excuses lol

    trasncedent1 thanks for your detailed description and kind words...i might get some sleep after all ! :smile:
  8. thanks ! i wasnt that pressed about the buy until i saw this bag, so its not like i had to visit H store everywhere I go, thats why i also didnt know that RD is not that hard to come by...
  9. I don't know how well-stocked Copenhagen is, but I did read a few members' comments that Copenhagen H store can be very rude. I found the rudeness to be a norm in Copenhagen stores; that said, it's what we, especially coming from Asia, perceive to be rude. We often enjoy great customer service in Asia. I found the general customer service in Copenhagen (in many stores) to be uninterested in new clientele and snobbish.
  10. I'm sure you'll see something that you love in store somewhere. Particularly as you're so open to styles. KL, KP, 28 (or maybe a 25).

    Also you might consider evercalf as an alternative to box. My KP is evercalf and I love it. Simply put - they look the same but evercalf is softer. Don't confuse it with evergrain though (lol)

    HTH :flowers:
  11. is wanting them ALL being open to styles lol ? off to check evercalf then in the reference thread...( dont worry anything that has word grain in it gives me goosebumps, not a chance of confusion ;)) the way you said it grain is probably huuuge on this one too...;):s

  12. lol No - not huge. :nogood: But as you're grain-phobic evergrain probably won't appeal anyway.

  13. I am sow ith you on this one ! I have only moved to Copenhagen two months ago, but if it wasnt for my SO having to live in this country i would have left after 3 days...its not only Hermes SAs that are rude, people are rude everywhere you go, from supermarket to a high end boutique. After living in Ireland for 3 years, where people you dont know will say hello to you in the street and smile and the SAs are your best friends after 10 minutes, I feel really misplaced here ... wait until i learn the language well enough to tell them off ! ;)
  14. Rose dragee is perceived to be a high maintenance colour like white for instance. Most people find it a very pretty color but if they could find the bag style in another more practical color, they would normally go for that.. except in Japan where it is one of the favourites I believe. In that sense, you would probably be able to see RD items available on the shelves. However RD is a spring 2007 colour and we are now into deep into Autumn Winter season, with Spring 2008 around the corner. So you might eventually not see too many RD items after this for a while as they will promote the next season colors.
  15. Swift is my favourite leather – it is beautifully matte and soft, and you cannot seen the grains at all. And colours show up beautifully in swift.

    Sorry about your nightmares – my DH had nightmares about Hermes on our recent trip to Italy, where we met with a lot of disappointment in the H shops.