I can strlpt3ase, too!

  1. Here is my first try at a "strip"... I went up north this weekend (posted before about tilton outlets) and here are actual pictures of what I got. Well, ALMOST pictures...

    [​IMG] Yeah, so I can't FLIP it...
  2. haha...can't wait
  3. Yes, this is fun for me.

    Also, could your dog BE any cuter? I'm not sure how...

  4. hehehe! you learned how to post pics? good job, girl!
    take it off!!
  5. if he was a girl so i could dress him up in dresses lol...that is how he would be cuter
  6. :whistle:
  7. :popcorn:
  8. *jeopardy theme*
  9. :popcorn::whistle::popcorn:
  10. You guys are so cute. LOVE the popcorn... here we are:

    [​IMG] I know it's just an ordinary bag BUT I've been needing a non-leather small black bag (I love the way I throw around the word "need"... he he he...

    Here are some other shots:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. And here's the wristlet and matching bracelet that I got, too. Grand total? $110 for all three things. I love the outlets! I do feel bad for the store this time, cause it seems like I robbed them (then again, I spend enough on other stuff, right? Shoes in particular!)

  12. great buys...steals!!!love the wristlet...congrats!!!
  13. Great finds, SoxFan. Congratulations on your new Coach goodies!!

    I picked up the larger sized tote (same style at yours) at the Napa outlet for only $107, after the add'l 40% off. I figured that at price, it was too hard to resist, especially since I wanted a non-leather bag to wear with my black/black Katelyn sneakers.
  14. I love that hobo bag! and wow, all of that for $110?! You done good, girl!
  15. Oh, and DUH... I got this at TJ Maxx this weekend, too. It was original coach price of $178 and it was only $14.99. They had a few... and I had to CONVINCE the hubby that yes, while I can only fit ONE case on my Ipod at a time, it still makes sense to have two of them...