I can SMELL the toki!

  1. I got a Pirata Denaro/Dolce for my birthday (which is on Sunday), from my parents... and the toki just came in the mail TODAY! I found the package in my mom's room, and I started begging for it a few days early D: She let me open it and look at my bag/wallet... and then she snatched them away and won't let me see them again, or have them until Sunday! Sure, it's a short time... but I'm going NUTS! D:!!!

    The Dolce has the same print on both the front/back, unfortunately... so I don't really get to see much of the cute characters - just the big Pirate girl with black hair. The wallet isn't much better, either. But it's still toki and that's what counts!!! :biggrin: Agggggghhhh I just want my stuffffff!! :crybaby:
  2. congrats!! Will you be able to post pics?
  3. Congrats, don't worry, at least it'll be worth the wait! Happy birthday! Post pics!
  4. Yeah I wanna see pics too. I can only imagine how you feel. I mean it's right at your fingertips! :smile:
  5. I'll post pics ASAP! :biggrin: The strap is a bit shorter than I imagined, unfortunately~ But it's okay :biggrin:
  6. Happy Birthday!! :balloon: :party: Cant wait to see pics.
  7. Thanks! :biggrin:
  8. Congrats on the Toki stuff and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Dont forget to post pics!
  9. HapPy BiRtHdAy!! :biggrin: yah post some pics when you get them! :biggrin:
  10. Happy Tokidoki birthday to you! Congrats on your new goodies.
  11. At first when I read the thread title I thought oh no someone got a smelly Toki! I've had a couple of KVZ bags that have come in the mail and they had a rank smell to it, ugh terrible! :sick: I was afraid that happened to someone with a Toki.

    But anyways, I see I was wrong about the thread title as I read through the posts, ha! ha!

    Happy Birthday! I'm glad you got your Toki stuff like you wanted. Enjoy! :party:
  12. hahah no, I'm pretty sure the toki doesn't smell :p At least... I hope it doesn't... :wtf:

    Thank you!! :biggrin:
  13. ummmm, if you guys ever see the baby bag take a sec to put your nose in the back pocket...it stinks!! Seriously...my BF says it doesn't smell but IT DOES!!! I dont' know what it is perhaps the print which doesn't make sense but it's got a nasty fishy smell to it and it's not just ours b/c the Inferno Cucciolo that was at our Nordies stunk too!!! It's :nuts: !! But it's super stinky for $198!! I could never ever carry it b/c I'd die!! I'm super sensitive to smells...
  14. Happy Birthday Dancing Nancies! Only one more day until you get your stuff...
  15. It smelled fishy?? Ugh how awful! :yucky: At first I thought you were going to say it smelled like poopy diaper. The KVZ bags I ordered actually had a nasty chemical smell to them. I even tried out one of the bags and wore it out shopping one day and the purse gave me a headache. I sent the purse right back. Never again!!