I can see it, but I can't buy it

  1. Is it just me or has anyone else seen the vernis heart on eluxury and can't find it to buy it? I go through all the options and can't find it? Why are they teasing us?
  2. I think the official release date is Feb 1st, so maybe they are waiting till that day.
  3. couple of more days to go...:tup:
  4. Is it 360? Does anybody know?
  5. I think they are preparing to release those hearts on Feb 1. Stay tune..
  6. I can't/don't see it. :sad:
  7. I see it too! It's a picture of last year's heart.
  8. I know they were supposed to be $375. but don't know if last week's price increase has changed that price.
  9. rats, it is last year's pix w/flower charm....>"<
  10. Oooh I can't wait!!
  11. Very interesting, though. I wonder if they're really going to have them for sale......
  12. Great, they are back !!!! They used to have MC and Venis
  13. i had this problem with elux when i was trying to get a tivoli - it seems that sometimes they might have maybe 1 item - it shows up and then if everyone is clicking on it, u just get the screen where u can click on "buy it" and nothing happens. it's like the most horrible tease in the world....
  14. Totally agree........I'm too old to play "catch me if you can" game. So I just ordered my little heart from the boutique. Luckily, their waiting lists weren't that long, so my SA said I should be able to get 2 hearts; one in Amarante and another one in Violette. They will be shipped to me next week. I'm done with heart hunting.