I can pretend to be Charlotte, Fed ex came (pix)! My new bag.

  1. Yahoo! I only have a minute to upload a pix, have to jump in the shower (yeah it's been a lazy morning)...so I can pick up my son...more pix later ;)

    But it's here :yahoo: :yahoo: . This has been on my list for the longest time!

  2. CUTE!!!:nuts: :love: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  3. Very pretty, congrats!!!
  4. wow..congrats :yahoo:
  5. It's so pretty! I have this bag on my want list! Hopefully, this will tide you over until the 1st? Congrats! : )
  6. great bag, its beautiful. congrats!
  7. LOVE IT!!! Congrats!! :smile:
  8. Awesome buy, congrat's.
  9. very gorgeous, congrats!
  10. Beautiful!! Congrats!!!

    Well worth the wait!! LOL
  11. Beautiful bag! The sad thing is I know what episode Charlotte wore that bag...I watch S&TC way too much:smile:
  12. Yeah!! I love the pink combo! CONGRATS!!!
  13. I love this bag! Congrats!!
  14. Congratulations! She's a gorgeous one!
  15. very nice, it's always great to get a limited piece