I can only pick one, which one?

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  1. I'm leaning towards the last watch because I can get a pair with hubby. What do you think?
  2. Mmm.. I don't know, I'm particularly taken by that gorgeous BV !
  3. BV completely!!!! I absolutely love that purse!:love: :love: :love: The watches aren't exactly my style, but if I had to pick one, I'd pick the one with the brown croc band.
  4. hmmmm, I have a fetish for both watches and bags! In this case, given the options above, I'd say to choose the BV! I say nay to these watches! Sorry! However, if you really want to find matching watches (choosing the non solo option), I say you should consider the Longines Classique line in silvertone....very beautiful!
  5. The BV is great! But Teslar watches are nice too. I like the last one, but I'd go with a different band. It may not come with another band, but you can probably get one in a different color to switch...
  6. BV!!! LOVE the color of that bag, i want it for myself! color is fabulous.
  7. philip stein all the way!!
  8. I'm thinking of getting a few different color gator or lizard bands to go with it if I choose to get this one.

    I want to try the Teslar, aside from its claim to shield electromagnetic field, also because it's different from all the boring classic watches I have.

    That said, the BV is tempting. ;)
  9. Bv!
  10. Ask yourself, which one would I wear/use more?...do I already have a bag/watch similar to this one? Maybe this will help you narrow the choices down.
  11. The thing is, I don't anything like those! The first one is the Prada python and I don't have a whole python bag. I don't have a BV and I don't have Teslar watches. :smile:
  12. I would get a Chanel purse but out of the three I would get a Philip Stein watch.( The only jewelry I care for is an engagement and a wedding ring). I remember watching Oprah and she was raving about it. She gave them away to her audience of course. Madonna also loves this watch and a few other celebrities. It has certain features or something like that.
    What color band are you getting? A white band looks beautiful! Let us know what you decide!
  13. In that case, pick the BV. It's a classic bag for your collection, and I think you'll get more satisfaction out of it.
  14. If it were me, I'll pick the prada one.....love the python look....very unique
  15. BV! It's stunning!
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