i can only have one

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  1. if you had to choose between a brand new mono neo neverfull with fuschia interior or pre loved mono artsy mm which one would you choose.

    eventually(i can only hope) i will end up with both. but for right now i can only have one.
  2. neverfull!
  3. Brand new neo nf..
  4. New NF! The fuchsia interior is so pretty :love:
  5. thanx for the replies. is it because you dont like pre loved or because you like the neverfull better?
  6. I prefer the Artsy as a bag, but I love the neverfull (mine is the original style) It's such a carefree bag. What sort of condition is the Artsy in? If it looks good, I'd go Artsy!
  7. Neverfull:smile:
  8. +1 :smile:

  9. +1!!!
  10. I choose neverfull, not just because it is new, I am not an Artsy fan.. Good luck

  11. Because i love neverfull. I have lots of other bags, but i love neverfull. I know LOTS of people carry the same bag, but i still love it. :smile:
  12. i know what you mean. i love the neverfull too as i already own a DE and have had it for about 4 or 5 years. it was my very first lv bag:P
  13. the new nf
  14. thanx ladies.
    i was just waiting for an artsy in good condition to pop up. they have been popping up in pretty good condition for not much more than a brand new neo neverfull costs give or take a $200 lol.
  15. Yes, I would go with a new neverfull