i can only have one help

  1. ok so i can only buy one bag and i have to save for that but i love the bags so help me

    or i should get a fun color like red or pink or apple green

    p.s i want the city but cant spend more than 1000
    or should i just wait till i can buy a city and do that it may take me a year lol:confused1:
  2. well, then i would go for first!
    or maybe u can add a little fund to get the city:smile:

    I personally like fun color for bal:p but it depends in ur need though...i think balck or brown would good for everyday use
  3. Classique in black!! Versatile, hot, and edgy!
  4. I think you should wait for the city. Save your money and do more research. Balenciaga bags will always be there, and there is always Black, White, and some shade of Brown every season.
  5. I have a first and the size is perfect for me. I hardly carry anything with me, though. If what you realllly want is a city I would save up for one :smile: You'll prob. find the first is too small for your needs if you're eyeing a city. Also, I'd get a fun color, but a black or brown color might be more practical.
  6. I say save up and get the city. Get something that you really truly want, I wouldn't just settle for anything less. As far as colors, I would definitely stick with a neutral, so that it will match any outfit and you can wear it all year! Good Luck;)
  7. Either black classique or save for a black city. Can't go wrong with either!
  8. balck first, but i prefer u to save up for black city instead :p
  9. ok thanks for the help im going to wait for the city
  10. Have you tried both the Classique and the City on to see how they look on you? Personally I think the Classique looks nicer and more ... classic ;) ... but if you carry a lot of stuff, it will frustrate you.
  11. Black First is my fav among your list : )
  12. classique is the same as first ? no i cant try them on im going to have to order it from the store
  13. save up for the city. if that's what you really really want. don't impulsely buy bbags cuz they're a good price or because you kind of like it... you'll end up in the hole and going to bbag circles to find the one you truly want. trust me a lot of us have gone through this.
  14. Yes - sorry - the classique is the First. I feel your pain ... I have no Bal store anywhere near me either!! :sad:
  15. I wuld suggest that you get the city and the colors that you mentioned above is consider a forever range....therefore, no harm saving it but hopefully the retail price won't change much.....:biggrin: